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Monday, December 13, 2010

NYU Center Genomicis-NYU is the Evil Empire of the E. Village & West -when not crushing our communities what the HELL is NYU actually doing?

Genomics -- hmmmm -- interesting -- I provided a link but I want to ask you what the HELL do you think NYU is up to besides driving the people out, tearing down our historic buildings, helping landlords to drive up rents by renting to 5 or 6 students who cram in one apt and than leave -- yeahhh jack up the rents and NYU college kids do besides being rotten lousy noisy neighbors and practically knocking over senior citizens on the street!!!!!! John Sexton is going to get prime real estate in hell. Do you think NYU could "hatch" genome of an idea on how to expand with out driving out everyone in the community that is not on their payroll or paying to attend and stop tearing down our historic neighborhoods and stop robbing people of affordable housing driving up the rents along with turning the place in to a shopping mall for college kids?

By the way -- would NYU ever put up a historical Frieze for the Triangle Shirt Fire that killed how many young women and mostly Jewish? No NYU won't because they are selfish greedy rotten real estate magnate posing as higher education! NYU embodies the greed generation.
Use to be a bookstore for New Yorkers now a book store for NYU on Broadway.
Broadway and Lafayette St when not ripped open for infrastructure expansion are used as a private parking lot for NYU buses and trolleys.
As residents wait for NYC public transportation half empty or all empty NYU buses and trolleys pass them by.