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Monday, December 27, 2010

Norman Siegel contacted City Council Speaker's office for 'Picture the Homeless" when City Council banned them for City Council Meeting!!!!!! Speaker

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A quote from an anonymous New Yorker who sent me this information on Picture the Homeless being banned from City Council meetings!

"It is disgusting. It says something about Bloomberg's New York if the poorest of the poor have no redress or legitimate avenue to deal extreme poverty and harsh living conditions."

Where did Christine Quinn and gang (City Council) get off banning homeless New Yorkers from attending City Council meetings and the poorest of the poor. This is Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's New York and I made up the term economic apartheid to describe Bloomberg-Quinn and their rich ruling class buddies that use any means possible even the NYPD to do their will and sweep away have-nots and in this case banning them from City Council meetings!!!!!

(What is it with Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn banning people that they don't approve us? Reminder blogger Rafael Martinez? Rafael was banned from the press room from City Hall by king Mike until Norman Siegel won yet again and got Rafael entry although Bloomberg-Quinn blatantly ignored him. Bloomberg and Quinn are not big on democracy and the constitution so no surprises here. Thank goodness for Norman Siegel.)

Quote from the press release I was given from Picture the Homeless : "They banned Picture the Homeless from attending pubic meetings." said PTH member Frank Clark, "They got our pictures up at the desk, and an extra police presence outside. The City Council treats Picture the Homeless like America's Most Wanted."

more from press release...

"We shudder to think what folks do who don't have brilliant attorney friends".

(From Suzannah B. Troy, "Norman Siegel, you are truly the people's advocate!)

"Housing Campaign members had attempted to attend a public meeting of the Buildings and Housing Committee but the City Council security desk advised us that Picture the Homeless were no longer permitted to attend public meetings. When Norman Siegel contacted the security team he was referred to the Speaker's Office. When he finally heard back from the Council's lawyers -- they acknowledged that guilt by association was wrong, and promised that we would not be banned today or ever again.

The press release packed with disturbing information including how the NYPD against the homeless which was discussed at "standing-room only -- disorderly roundtable" in partnership with the Center for Constitutional Rights. The round table brought together homeless folks, legal professional, elected officials, community activists and grass roots organizations to discuss the NYPD's abuse of vagueness of disorderly conduct and to build support for our campaign to change it.

Note from Suzannah: I wish I had the entire press release on line for you to read!!!!!!

Picture the Homeless 2427 Morris Avenue - 2nd Floor, Bronx, New York, 10468


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p.s. From Suzannah, Picture the Homeless appreciates donations of any size.