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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner and SAIC, Mike Bloomberg Sees No Evil He hears no evil

Here is a theory from Suzannah B. Troy, artist...let me paint a picture for you!

Imagine this scenario....Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner sitting down to a power with some big wigs from SAIC that used to work at The White House way back when to broker SAIC coming to work under Bloomberg at City Hall on CityTime...why? Mike wants to be a national and global player and first choice is as President of the United States but if he can't be than he will do his best to influence or impact the next presidential election with his pal Steve Rattner who he staunchly stands by even though Rattner is implicated in pay to play re: NY Pension Funds and Andrew Cuomo is considering perjury charges against Rattner who pleaded the 5th 68 times to the SEC.

Special thank you for see no evil hear no evil to Dan Primack of Fortune -- see link above.

In Joyce Purnick's awful smoke and mirror book on Mike Bloomberg she points out Steve Rattner urges Mike Bloomberg to run for a third term! Purnick is part of the Bloomberg gang and thinks that is wonderful but she white washes why Rattner had to step down from his job at The White House...she says the phony p.r. lie to spend more time with his family in NY! Mike is family. Both Mike and Steve have White House aspirations so it is not far fetched to thing Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner may have had a few power lunches with some power brokers as SAIC.

We (John Liu unions (see my Bloombergnocitytime channel for speeches , Councilmember Letitia James, City Councilmember Joe Addabbo, me and others fought Mike tooth and nail not to renew CityTime but Mike wanted a full renewal and that was madness -- truly in your face white collar crime if we had given SAIC a full obscene renewal they asked for! Now thanks to John Liu SAIC is on a performance agreement as of Sept. 30 which is not enough time to prove their metal and if they don't succeed they have to pay the tax payers back. My question is will enough come out after a forensic audit to make SAIC and Spherion consultants pay us back big time for massive over runs that feel like white collar crime. It make take a lot of time and money to audit the CityTime debacle which I dubbed The Tax Payer's Titanic.

"The contractor, employee-owned Science Applications International Corp. of San Diego, handles sensitive government contracts, including many in information security. It has a reputation for hiring Washington's most powerful figures when they leave the government, and its payroll has been studded with former secretaries of defense, CIA directors and White House counterterrorism advisers."

Not far fetched at all to wonder if Mike Bloomberg and his best friend Steve Rattner sat down with SAIC way back when to broker this CityTime deal. Mike was suppose to help the people with the MTA crisis and he did little to help but mystically and magically SAIC won the contract with the MTA despite a massive cry from the people to not hire SAIC! Why? Explain to me why the MTA felt so compelled to hire SAIC. The MTA said because SAIC gave us the lowest bid and we all said but look at SAIC's massive over run and abuse of tax payer dollars so all the more reason to not hire SAIC but the MTA did stating that if SAIC over runs their budget the bill will go to NYC gov meaning us the tax payers. Who is the king of the tax payers? Mike Bloomberg. So it is hard not to believe Mike was and is SAIC's pimp even doing ridiculous p.r. work on behalf of SAIC. This iReport from an angry worker in NYC gov. for CityTime points fingers at some thieves -- two who have been arrested but there is a 3rd described by his nickname and he is said to work for SAIC so we have one SAIC consultant fingered here as a crook. If there is a thorough audit by very sharp investigators I believe a lot more money will have been found to be stolen.

Essentially this is White Collar crime NYC gov -- with little Bernie Madoff's helping themselves to other people's money...the tax payers money....isn't interesting the NY Post pointed out way back when that Christine Quinn and her staff hired high priced defense attorney's that specialize in White Collar Crime. That some of Quinn's staff hired Sullivan & Cromwell which is very expensive and the same firm Goldman Sachs uses but the tax payers pay for the defense bills.

For how long have I been asking for an Application for our smart phones and a running ticker on all new york papers as well as NYC gov and Albany's website about just how much tax payer money goes to defense attorneys, and a running ticker to the many ways tax payer money is being spent, stolen and abuses. Well CityTime is a massive blot on Mike Bloomberg's legacy and ditto for Christine Quinn who helped push through two investigation that let Joel Bondy and gang walk and continue on business as usual.

The slush fund investigations are still on although moving slower than a turtle walking through molasses and I believe 80 million is a low ball figure because of the massive over run by SAIC and Spherion. My question is how did this go on for so long...

You read my theory on Bloomberg and SAIC so you have part of my answer -- in theory but it was all greed, arrogance and stupidity -- just like what brought down Wall St., the mortgage crisis, Elliot Spitzer, etc. etc. etc.

This is massive corruption and if they investigators do a thorough job more is to come. I just don't buy Mike Bloomberg's 80 slipping thru the cracks story. What I find so interesting is his rush to do p.r. for SAIC. I find that very, very interesting.

Mike Bloomberg very own best friend Steve Rattner (other BF's owner of the NYDN and NYTimes) has been busted for pay to play right here in NY for the pension funds. I have been told rumors that with all the pay to play the greedy players did a lousy job with the pensions and that will cost the tax payers more $ as well.)

Bottom line -- my theory...

Mike sounds like SAIC pimp doing damage control and p.r.

I believe massive pay to play stealing and handwashing beyond these 80 million dollar thieves.... way beyond which is how CityTime became the tax payer's Titanic. There is such a massive over run it is hard to believe a lot more was not stolen and people were getting kick backs to keep this disaster going forward and because they wanted a piece of the big bucks.

Mike Bloomberg has adopted the same approach he uses with his best friend Steve Rattner's pay to play scandal and that is Mike Bloomberg sees no evil hears no evil.

That serves him well if he wants to stay cozy with SAIC which he clearly wants to do and continue to be a high profile mover and shaker. In fact his goal was to raise his profile and like Rattner he has his eye on The White House. If not as President as a major player on the global scene hence his rush to p.r. for SAIC as just one example.

Thanks for tuning in.


Suzannah B. Troy