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Friday, December 24, 2010

A full forensic audit of CityTime should reveal a lot more thievery by Suzannah B. Troy


    Check out above link -- Henry Stern vs. Suzannah B. Troy's view of CityTime big difference is me, Suzannah comes out and squarely blames Bloomberg.

    Fun reading for Suzannah B. Troy blog followers if you haven't read the Vanity Fair piece on SAIC

    Here is my comment on The NY Post this morning on Joel Bondy quitting.


    12/24/2010 5:32 AM

    Tip of the iceberg. A full forensic audit will tell us more but the excessive overrides and mayor Bloomberg pushing for a full renewal with SAIC on Sept. 30 when it was a no brainer going from aprox. 60 million to over 700 million that this was criminal and why was NYC gov. going along. I made part 1 and part 2 YouTube series of why and who was pushing SAIC starting with our mayor. Thank goodness the MTA deal with SAIC and also Sanitation Dept. are now dead. CityTime was meant to prevent low tier workers from stealing but mean while consultants were stealing. The question is how many and I believe the amount of the theft and thievery is staggering. I have links to articles and CNNiReport of a whistle blower from 2 years that takes you in to meetings with Joel Bondy and fingers Mazer and others including a SAIC consultant. NYPost doesn't allow link postings sadly. Way more to this story including I was told kickbacks for NYC gov.

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