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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drunken Santa's and their helper overnight bar crawl E. Village abuses Santa and the Christmas Spirit welcome to BOOZING NYC w/the mayor and SLA's blessing

These people really did not get it....this is in the morning today in the East Village and they were boozing it up. Maybe they were too drunk to fathom people might be critical of them dressed as Santa opening drinking at 11 am?

Some old Suzannah B. Troy history. I would go to CB3 meetings and complain about the no. 1 quality of life issues -- drunk people and I coupled that with too many bars and too many dorms.

I am not anti-bars but bar owners have to but a limit on someone drunk as a skunk and I have even asked that warnings be place up in bars and printed on receipts about not mixing booze with drugs including prescription drugs, calling for a car service to get home safe, etc.

Too tired to go into it all but I complained the the tax payer's black hole manhattan borough pres. Scott Stringer, our emperor Mike Bloomberg and the SLA that at meetings where I am on record never once did the community board chair at the time or the manager ever state for the record the chair owns 11 bars which by the way is a huge conflict of interest. The SLA, Stringer and mayor Bloomberg could have cared less.

By the many murders, violent crimes including rapes and and sex abuse, drunk driving including causing death, suicides etc. are related to alcohol abuse here in NYC? Just curious....

I know the answer is staggeringly high and the amount of booze and drugs being abused both legal and illegally combined is staggering.

I asked if this is the group that gets together and goes from bar to bar to get drunk. They said yes.

I said something about sending an awful message and it was sharp and witty and very sad. I can't remember now what I said. The message they are sending to young people is Santa is an alcoholic.

I really don't think people are comfortable in their skin. They don't like to talk to each other hence loud blaring music and they needs booze and drugs to spend time with each other because they do not like themselves let alone anyone else. This is not the Christmas Spirit although at first glance it appears to be -- it is the opposite -- it represents the worst in consumerism but at least it is making bar owners rich and Mike Bloomberg and gang have to approve of that!