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Monday, December 20, 2010

Casino Jack and The United States of Money documentary coming soon Casino Jack the film starring Kevin Spacey - thieving corrupt lobbyists, congress,

Watch---us--the people of New York for free... as we live here in NYC and witness the unfolding of a major white collar crime courtesy of CityTime and NYC gov..... I call the thieves of CityTime "mini-Bernie Madoffs". The only reason they are "mini-madoffs" is because they couldn't steal multi-billions.

Whether it is Mike Bloomberg buying a 3rd term and with the help of Christine Quinn, I dubbed Mike's mini-me -- a sell-out, CityTime....or movies like Client 9 and for me this film, Casino Jack and The United States of Money" which possibly more disturbing than Client 9 -- and yet the clearest --- "Washington -- the congress has lost sight of who they serve -- as the end of the film summarizes.

Congress serves......we are told....Chinese sweat shop owners, Russian is so accepted it is part of our culture -- the average citizen doesn't have a voice these people have because they are better financed ." says a guy interviewed who's name alludes me.

Casino Jack refers to dirty corrupt dealings Jack Abramoff and pals pulled of using the American Indians, charging them mega-millions and doing every thing dishonest possible plus making hateful comments about them as well.

Rented "Casino Jack and The United States of Money" from ITunes and it was the regular rental fee for Itunes vs. Alex Gribney Client 9

After watching this documentary "Casino Jack and The United States of Money" I renamed the political machine, "political industry" -- political industry -- pay to play -- trading "favors" for industry not a machine.... (political industry is another Suzannah B. Troy-ism.)

There is a segment of the film that takes place in the Mariana Islands ... Let me put it this way....this part of the film made me want to scream and cry at the same time. I wanted every congressman and lobbyist -- any and all political figures that enabled the human rights abuses documented ever so briefly in this film to go to jail. To serve suffer. People from China, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines were charged 6-7 thousand dollars to go to these islands promised jobs but instead it was indentured servants with no money but money being taken to pay for their passage. Some were raped, all worked in garment factorys, the women found themselves working in the sex trade... Democrat George Miller tells us a man says something through an interpreter to him as he cried. Miller asked why is he crying. The interpreter told him this man asked if he could sell him both his kidneys to pay his debt and return to China. Miller is the only member of congress that visited that appears human and has a soul. Really after watching this Tom Delay should rot in prison not get out and get his 15 min. on Dancing with the Stars.

Tom Delay is accused in this film of opening the flood gates like never before for pay to play and he protected all kinds of corruption and abuses to keep the floodgates of massive money flowing in.

Note: The sweatshops of Mariana Islands made sure to put "Made in the USA" in all the garments sewed by men and women paid a just over a dollar an hours working as indentured servants almost really slave labor.

Do you understand my response....wanting to scream and cry? Wanting the harshest punishment punishment for our congressmen and lobbyists.

Tom Delay wasn't alone and either was Jack Abramoff in dirty corrupt play but Abramoff took it to another level. The film even implies Abramoff may be indirectly responsible for the murder a Greek business man that owned Casinos on ships that Jack essentially used Congress to help him steal by using a loop hole to make the guy sell.

The corruption is both Republican and Democrats and is is disgusting.

Money paid to Lobbyists has increased by a billion dollars and the Financial sector gives the most. Wall St. doesn't want a democracy or limits of any kind....they want to dictate....sounds like Mike Bloomberg king of New York....

FYI: The film notes at the end January 2010 the Supreme Court eliminated all restrictions on campaign ad spending! (This is criminal. I know some of my pals don't agree with me but I want a cap on spending for anything to do with running for office.)

Jack Abramoff wrote "....bill your clients like demons" -- the people that stole tax payer hand over fist here in NYC using CityTime to do so took Jack Abramoff's advice....

Yes, when "Casino Jack" starring Kevin Spacey comes out Dec. 17, I may go to the movies to see this film or do I? Should I just keep blogging about CityTime, Mike Bloomberg's money manager Steve Rattner and pay to play, how Mike Bloomberg bought a 3rd term proving democracy is for sale and lucky the CityTime debacle did not come out Feb. 2007 when whistle blowers were posting on the CNN iReport and telling Dept. of Investigations but no one cared or noticed and than there is Christine Quinn sold us the people of NYC out, Espada, Seabrook, Martinez, Arroyo mother and daughter, etc., etc. etc. how tax payers are paying for defense attorney for some of Christine Quinn's staff that specialize in White Collar crime and even hired Sullivan & Cromwell, the same firm Goldman Sachs uses.

At the end of the documentary on Abramoff there is a close up of senator Charles Schumer implying he has been bought by Wall St. and a close up of Goldman Sachs logo as well...ho hum.

... so do I pay 13 dollars + 6 dollars for popcorn or do I rent Casino Jack on itunes...