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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BAd News Judge ruled against artists Union Square -- contrast this with the 80 million

Bad News Judge ruled against artists Union Square -- contrast this with the 80 million

The judge has decided to lift the temporary restraining order so the “new” rules will go into effect again. Bad news. They will probably start enforcing the new rules tomorrow. King Bloomberg wins again.

This is a sad day folks. If you wanted my Mercer Hotel protest you hear a rich white lady -- the kind that I imagine down South when the South was not integrated....she tells the vendors to go to a park.....

The city under king Bloomberg has become about economic apartheid between "the haves and have nots" -- the have nots come in all colors including white but the haves are mostly white.

There are good rich people out there but not here in NYC under Bloomberg -- with the sky piercing mirrored buildings that reflect a history destroyed and communities no longer comes an elite ruling class that believes they own the judges and the NYPD. Scary stuff which is why we need an end to the Bloomberg - Quinn regime that sold the great lie we needed Bloomberg for a 3rd term to help us with the economy when in reality he needed the 3rd term and Quinn as well to help their pals.

Has is evicting artists from Union Square helping honest New Yorkers to earn a living?

Contrast this harsh ugly economic apartheid with the latest news that 6 people stole over 80 million dollars but folks they were from Bloomberg's Have list -- working at City Hall supposed over seeing an Orwellian Time Clock called CityTime. You see know one oversees the rich elite above the law but these people just stole way too much....They stole 80 million dollars!!!!!

There is a lot more dirt with CityTime, corrupt dealings at City Hall and Albany and we the people have to just wait until we are blessed with the scoop and poop and the criminals keep on stealing and or abusing tax payer money, back room deals, kick-backs, etc.

Welcome to the massive corrupt stealing and dealings and honest people like vendors are being treated like the very early stages of Nazi Germany being harassed, ticketed and even arrested for no crime but being an artist but the "haves" of NYC just don't want them there.

Massive Fraud Relating To New York City’s CityTime Project Involved Use Of Shell Corporations And False Timesheets

PREET BHARARA, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and ROSE GILL HEARN, the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation ("DOI"), announced today charges against four consultants to the New York City Office of Payroll Administration ("OPA") –- MARK MAZER, DMITRY ARONSHTEIN, VICTOR NATANZON, and SCOTT BERGER –- for operating a fraudulent scheme that led to the misappropriation of more than $80 million in New York City funds allocated for an information technology project known as "CityTime." MAZER, ARONSHTEIN, and NATANZON are also charged -- along with MARK MAZER’s wife, SVETLANA MAZER, and his mother, LARISA MEDZON -- with using a network of shell corporations to launder the proceeds of the fraud. Each of the defendants

Folks: I can't imagine stealing a candy bar let alone 80 million dollars and they stole it from the people of New York. Nice to know Mike finds that unacceptable.

Videos I made from Union Square Park

Mike Bloomberg violating Artist 1st Amendmendrights

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara noted the irony of how "a project intended to prevent payroll waste, fraud, and abuse, was itself allegedly bilked in part by fraudulent timekeeping."

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