May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tuesday Vote: Welcome to Halloween Hell NY style If you watched my YouTube than you know Boss Tweed is alive and well today called Boss Bloomberg and his appointed charter commission have screwed the people of NY on term limits so that means Mike Bloomberg has flushed democracy two years in a row.

Tuesday and Term Limits is like a Halloween Hell Horror Movie for voters...if you vote yes for term limits with the corrupt bundled questions on the back that should not be bundled together than you are in you Mike Bloomberg halloween costume and if you vote No you are dressed as Mike Bloomberg's corrupt mini-me Christine Quinn or you could not vote at all. It is your choice and bring a reading glasses and a magnify glass because they put it on the back and as small as possible.

I am voting Yes on Term Limits and Yes and the 7 bundled questions that should not be bundled together.

I talked to a cross section of people and they are not voting for Cuomo. I am surprised. They are voting for Kristen Davis even though they don't believe in the legalization of drugs or Jimmy McMillian and one vote for Reidlich who exposed the head of our public library earns $680,000.

I am still strongly considering voting for Andrew Cuomo because I will have to ask him for help for the people of New York and he is going to win. The election will be closer than predicted and there will be some surprises. I am guessing Jimmy McMillian may get a lot of votes. He already got a $10,000 paying gig to be in a commercial and his YouTube counts for viewers is easily over 3 million.

I want to point out that there was only one debate for governor and most New Yorkers did not see it because it was not available on public TV. Why? Welcome to perhaps the most corrupt city and state in the USA which is why NYC is now heading towards a depression except for the rich folks that all benefited under Bloomberg's reign. In fact Mike Bloomberg just resign because Haggerty is his Watergate and Mike did not declare campaign expenditures as legally required which is a Misdemeanor A that carries jail time. I do believe Haggerty is innocent, at least as innocent as Mike Bloomberg especially because Mike funneled money to Haggerty the previous election as well but through the Republican Party...oh dear, oh dear. My guess is Mike and Haggerty as well as all of Mike's campaign people had an what you want with the money, just get me a win which is why Mike never reported the money stolen. Can we see a flow chart of all the money Mike spent and where it actually went?

Too bad he just didn't hand it out to the people of NYC, especially the poorest since Mike was out to buy votes. Talk about Sub-Zero Trickle down!!!!!!!

Lastly, I am an Independent but last year I changed to Democrat so I could vote in the primary. I look forward to voting against Christine Quinn when she attempts to run for mayor. If the democrats do not have any reason/inspiration/motivation to clean up the corruption than perhaps the fear of losing to the Republicans might be a wake-up call? No even that won't inspire them to stop stealing and abusing tax payer money and or consider taking public transportation to save the tax payers a few bucks.

The only thing I can definitely say in concrete about my voting tomorrow is I am voting Yes and Yes but holding my nose as I do it because Bloomberg's term limits voting tomorrow is so corrupt it stinks like a dead rat.

A special nod for Charles Barron for the best zinger during the gov debate about Palladino and Cuomo on corruption....

Put on your safety belts because it is going to get a worse before it gets better and Bloomberg who told us we needed him to save the economy has made it worse except for his rich friends...we are heading in to a depression for New Yorkers that are not rich and for some New Yorkers they have already been living as if it is a depression....Thanks for all your business acumen Mike Bloomberg. Can the real people of NYC sue you for 15 billion dollars for all the damage you did to our city and to democracy?