May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mayor Mike Bloomberg king of NY, are we talking about a revolution? We are sick of your A listers running the city and the protests and anger are risi

If you can't feel the anger on the streets than you are NOT walking on the sidewalks, you don't use the subways and you are listening to your Ipod. The people of New York are furious with Mike Bloomberg and appointing an A-lister magazine head that specializes in spin is a yet another explosive tinder box courtesy of Bloomberg.

Let's face facts. Mike Bloomberg stole a third term with the encouragement of his best friend Steve Rattner who also has no respect for limits which is why he is in "pay to not go to jail" mode for his role in "pay to play" and so many other corrupt friends like John Sexton of NYU who ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term and why so Bloomberg and his socialite city planner mega-millionaire Amanda the people's Burden could help push thru commercial zoning for NYU's Hotel and massive complex to make La Guardia Pl, Bleeker to Mercer like Mid-Town instead of a village. If Mike Bloomberg died right now, John Sexton of NYU and gang would prop up his dead body to make sure their corrupt shady real estate deals go through.

The appointee of another rich A-lister has ignited rage through NYC and there is already a protest, a petition and more to come....New Yorkers have had it. They are fed-up and they are angry.

Sign the petition!!!!

Attend the rally:

Charles Barron denounces the new school chancellor Black.

NOVEMBER 11, 2010

Bloomberg's Old Media Dinner Party Unqualified School Chief Pick Outs the Elite

Bumper-Sticker Patriotism Is No Way to Honor Our Veterans

Bloomberg's Old Media Dinner Party

Unqualified School Chief Pick Outs the Elites

A review how today's tabloids covered for the mayor on his pick of his dinner party hack reveals how New York's Elite considers themselves are a ruling class who can do what it wants. Someone squarely in his comfort zone of wealthy and socially prominent Upper East Side resident. NYT on this one breaks with the ruling class * Chris Quinn, John Liu Hedge On New Chancellor

Murdock NYP'sConflict of Interests

Pumping Up Klein their new innovative education product salesman

Departing innovator Klein gets high marks (NYP) *Joel: 'We played big - and got big results'Cig-tax hike creates total drag on sales Sales of taxed cigarettes have plummeted a staggering 27 percent statewide since the highest cigarette tax in the nation took hold in July (NYP)

Murdock's WSJ Supports Black Cathie Black Used to Tough Choices (WSJ) * The WSJ looks for clues on how Black might manage the public school system in her book.

Dinner Party Member Mort Zuckerman's Daily News Supports Black New chancellor Cathie Black hits the ground running (DN) Daily News never misses an opportunity to blast Murdock Daly: Joel Klein shamefully selling out with new gig (DN)

NYT Editorial Questions if Black is Qualified

"David Steiner, the state education commissioner, needs to thoroughly vet Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed successor, the media executive Cathleen Black, to determine if she is up to the job." The papers also looks into the elite questionTransition in New York's Schools (NYT Ed)Bloomberg Took Secret Path to a New Schools Chief (NYT) * Were You Asked About the School Chancellor’s Job? The mayor said his choice was a result of a search, but The Times has not been able to turn up any candidates. (NYT)

Bloomberg's Elite Dinner Party New Schools Chief . . . Where is Sharpton?
"What has become a Bloomberg hallmark, the mayor relied on someone he knew through business and social networks, someone squarely in his comfort zone of wealthy and socially prominent Upper East Side residents, someone with whom he has shared many friends and colleagues, dinners and drinks." UFT-pal state senator out to block Cathie from becoming schools chief (NYP) * Black a 'fearless' straight-shooter: friends (NYP) * Mayor Takes Idea of Education Outsider to New Level (NYT) * Who’s Qualified to Run New York City Schools? Is it necessary to have an education background to run a school district (NYT) *
In choosing Black, Bloomberg passed over even other outsiders with more pedagogical experience. *
Barron Denounces Mayor, Choice of Black as Chancellor * Cathleen Black's First Memo to Her Staff at the Board of Ed