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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg's very own NYPD cop flies to high? Shoots an innocent man because he felt like it? Did the mayor's cop lie to 911 and Internal Affairs

Mayor Bloomberg flew to high -- believing he was and is above the law -- that he is King Mike and so far he is right -- for example -- Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and Cy Vance, the Manhattan DA refuses to prosecute Mike! Breaking campaign laws is a Misdemeanor A which carries jail time but in Mike's new hideous New York rich people do not get tickets they have the NYPD give out tickets and even find ways to arrest them and it is already coming back to haunt the NYPD with NYPD cops coming forward, with how many civilian complaints and more is to come I believe.

Now one of the mayor's NYPD security detail shot an innocent man and than allegedly lied to 911 and to Internal Affairs. Did he think he could do all this because he was spending too much time around king Mike or is this part of the rogue inner circle of NYPD that believes they can apply laws when they need to like a Mafia cop and turn a blind eye for their rich pals? It is very interesting how certain NYPD apply the law but in this case the NYPD officer felt he was above the law and that his alleged lies would be believed? Or maybe he wasn't thinking at all and just shot an innocent man because he felt like it they way some NYPD officers play God with their ticketing innocent people while turning a blind eye for some rich pals and than their are whispers are certain NYPD turning a blind eye for a begin to wonder....

The mayor's very own NYPD officer flew to high -- like way too many politicians and community board members - that think they are above the law, they they dictate to the law and in this case an NYPD officer in the mayor's elite group that shot someone because he felt angry...

The NYPD did take away his gun and badge. Did they check to see how many guns he owns....I sure hope he doesn't have some extra ones hidden away under his bed because he might get angry again.

Is this a sign of the times?

When you call Internal Affairs and someone doesn't answer right away than let the phone ring a really long time -- at least 12 or 13 times and an answering machine will take your message.

NYPD Internal Affairs
(212) 741-8401
24 hours, 7 days/week