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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Client 9 - Official Trailer (The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer)

I rented the documentary "Client 9" from Itunes for the bargain price of $6.99 (not including tax) and I can tell you the film is too long but I won't be forgetting parts of it anytime soon.

First let's give a nod to Silda Spitzer. She is beautiful, intelligent and a saint to stay with Spitzer. I feel sorry for their daughters. I don't feel she stayed with him as many women do for financial or some ambitious agenda; she is most likely a genuinely good person and it is trying to keep it together for her daughters is my guess.

Spitzer was ahead of the game going after Wall Street and if more people had maybe Wall Street would not have imploded. That being said he clearly lost his mind and he comes off like a sex addict and a hypocrite.

The Wall Street guys that took Spitzer down, Hank Greenberg and Langone (& Goldman Sachs John Whitehead who with Bloomberg denied our FDNY, NYPD, PAPD and EMS their rank on the 9-11 memorial) really don't "get it". I have one thing and one thing only in common with Langone....forgiving is not my strong point and that is why Silda is a winner in my book. Bruno was a player in this but Bruno is a complicated guy with a lot of grey tones and he is capable of empathy.

In my spare time I have donated my white blood cells, a 2 hour process where you have to lie still - not easy for me, with a needle in each time I did it for a little girl before being I was given the "treatment" way to many American women have of false breast cancer scares after going for a mammogram, my last. After you have been given the breast cancer torture scare rushing out to donate white blood cells may not be at the top of your list but it was for me so Greenberg and Langone are not of my world and visa versa.

I don't imagine Greenberg and Langone rushing to donate their white blood cells for a stranger but maybe I am wrong.

I wrote Spitzer and Bruno after 9-11. Bruno for our FDNY and Bruno wrote me back a beautiful letter...very moving and Spitzer also responded, he had a lawyer staff member write me back a letter I had written on behalf of the FDNY, NYPD, PAPD and EMS that died in record humber being honored at the WTC Memorial. Again a very kind letter and I was told it was up to mayor Bloomberg.

Langone make a comment about his heart that made me laugh and he also said every person has their own personal hell.

Are there approximately 14 million people or more that live in NY? However many they were punished along with Spitzer's family because we got Dave Paterson, a buffoon and we are heading in to a hellish economic crisis that won't be effecting the mega rich players, the kind Mike Bloomberg used his third term to benefit including NYU and Columbia University, lucky them.

To get a small glimpse in to the corrupt dealings of Wall Street I recommend taking a look at this film but it was just too long and it is not a great film.

Wayne Barrett is interviewed for this film and he really did a great job and Barrett wrote a piece on Bloomberg that says it all in the header, "Bloomberg broke campaign laws, admit his own lawyers" and I am waiting for the documentary on Bloomberg next. Maybe the title will be the "Little Emperor of NYC". One thing we did see that isn't in the movie is very rich people that thought they were masters of the Universe, impervious fell hard, very hard and lost everything when we had the mortgage meltdown, Bernie Maddoff debacle and Wall St. imploded.

Roger Stone, the Republican dirty trickster, swinger, dressed as a James Bond makes a glittery appearance and it isn't clear if he despises Spitzer more for being a sexually hypocrite or a for being political emperor wannabe. In NYC it seems everyone wants to be emperor.....