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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NYU the destroyer wants to kick Mayor LaGuardia to the curb, the mayor that loved the people, Mike Bloomberg loves to crush the people for developers

NYU the destroyer wants to kick Mayor LaGuardia to the curb, impeach Mike Bloomberg and NYU learning the meaning of NO! NYU and Bloomberg and gang have no respect for limits by Suzannah B. Troy

I heard NYU got booed big and bad at the community board meeting when the NYU rep told the great lie that NYU works with the community. NYU, the evil empire, is not done with it's Purple Reign of Terror. NYU mega-dormed the E. Village to death. NYU tears down our historic buildings and visit 120 East 12th St. and see the facade of St. Ann's from 1847 and the newest hideous NYU Mega-dorm that looks like it belongs in Miami Beach. NYU uses Stuy Town as student housing and it was meant to be affordable housing for NYers. NYU is now bent on destroying what light and beauty is left in the W. Village and they are going to kick Mayor LaGuardia to the curb they way they have our community removing his statue for expanded retail so it looks like Broadway and Mike Bloomberg and socialite city planner Amanda the people's Burden support the destruction of our historic neighborhood and the continued push out. When Mike Bloomberg says progress, he means get your moving van. Under his reign of terror the Village looks like a bad xerox of mid-town turning into a bad xerox of Dubai. No wonder the creepy John Sexton ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a third term because no other mayor would allow this exploitative destructive expansion. If Mike Blomberg died right now John Sexton would prop us his dead body to make sure this horrific newest expansion went thru. Amazing that John Sexton and NYU can't comprehend the meaning of "NO!". It is not about higher education but clearly about higher greed and pure ruthlessness on the part of Sexton and NYU.

Look closely and you will see this beautiful little boy adoringly looking up at the mayor who loved children and read them the funny papers on the radio.

Our corrupt Mike Bloomberg should be forced to explain to children why he stands by his corrupt friend Steve Rattner who pleaded the 5th to the S.E.C. more times than Mike Blomberg has been mayor and why his best friend has to pay multi-millions to avoid jail time as well as explain to the kids about denying voters a referendum but Mike won't.

All the the lots with with greenery are owned by DOT and with one swipe of Mike's corrupt pen he can turn it all over to NYU and kiss Mayor LaGuardia, a mayor who carried about people good bye.

If there was a fire, mayor La Guardia was there. If Mayor LaGuardia had to visit a police officer or fireman in the hosptial it was with respect and caring. Mike mades rude inappropriate comments even breaking about his supposed conquests with women; Mike Bloomberg smoke and mirrors, Mike.

NYU wants to do the most massive Godzilla like builds yet but they need commerical zoning to do it.

This is not a democracy because the people continue to say NO!!!!!!!!!

They boo NYU at community board meetings, they sue NYU and if we could we would hire a good year blimp to spread the word.

NO more reckless community crushing development by NYU!!!!!

Live us what sun and greenery we have. Stop blotting out the sun and beauty of this neighborhood with your hideous ugly sky piercing architecture.

So breaking the laws knowing the NYPD will not ticket you.

2 cars parked in Fire Lane NO Parking and no tickets

This Hummer by the Picasso sculpture sums up the arrogance and the abuse of the law the NYU sky piercing mega hotel will bring.

NYU pays their public relations people to sell the great lie.

NYU is not working with the community but destroying the neighborhood and harming the environment, destroying the integrity and beauty of the Village.

The Village is not one big massive NYU campus but every hideous building they plop down here under Mike Bloomberg is another nail in the coffin our the historic Village.