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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mike Bloomberg's money manger Steve Rattner banned by SEC & how this impacts Mike Bloomberg

This story we believe was released last night so it would be buried by the miners being rescued. Steve Rattner being banned by the SEC is huge and directly reflects on his best friend Mike Bloomberg. Rattner was busted for pay to play in pension fund scandals here in NY and for me it was a conflict of interest and greed that he was involved in the first place, pure arrogance and denial that Rattner and even Bloomberg were confident Rattner would never be held accountable. Bloomberg's money was shifted out of Quadrangle to a new Rattner company because Rattner thought he would walk away again but now the money will have to be shifted and maybe we can begin to see how Rattner money manages and some may also be big players in the media that have been doing their best to surpress this story. I railed against Bloomberg blaming Thompson for the pensions when Bloomberg's very own money manger was implicated and no on in the press said how could Bloomberg and his lousy campaign people attack Thompson on the pensions when Mike Bloomberg is the one that has a lot of explaining to do but Mike has never explained anything about his relationship to Rattner and the pension funds and his money that some part I believe is in the Cayman Islands because Rattner put it there and why? Bloomberg is not transparent. Bloomberg and Rattner have not respect for limits.

Rattner encouraged Bloomberg to run for a third term and deny us a referendum along with Christine Quinn's help and now Rattner and Bloomberg's goal to make Mike president will never be. This is yet another nail in the coffin of Mike's dream to be president but we the tax payers have to pay for his campaign staff parked at City Hall because Mike Bloomberg's ambition is his cocaine and he is forcing tax payers to pay for his ambition with 6 figure salaries for his campaign staff at city hall.

I believe more major scandals ala Bloomberg and gang are coming. Stay tuned....

I tell you in video voter angry towards Bloomberg has risen much greater than last year and by the way I was the first person to report about voter anger and Mike Bloomberg may not win and I did so May 4, 2009