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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Explosives found on 2nd Street Lower East Side part 2 by Suzannah B. Troy

Above is my posting that reported the news with my photo from Sunday.

According to The NY Times article Ron Kuby, the Hells Angel's lawyer said he spoke to a club member and reported to The NY Times he had no knowledge of the explosives.

The long rambling letter found in the neighborhood that makes an odd reference to 2nd Street I believe has zero connection to the discovery of explosives. Why? The neighborhood has a lot of mentally ill people that live there either in housing or homeless and some that "ramble on" in notes, verbally to themselves and on their websites.

Ditto for chalk writers.... Yes, this wacky neighborhood has it's regulars who are chalk writers and the two that come to mind clearly did not write this.

Do I think the chalk writer in this case is related. Yes. Do I know who it is? No.

Could this have been stock piled by someone who served in the military. Yes.

I love mysteries so I will be very interested to find out if this mystery is ever solved.

Is the person who placed the explosives there still alive and living in the neighborhood in an apartment or homeless? Is that chalk writer that person or a person that had knowledge of the explosives? Do I think the chalk writer is the same person that put the explosives there? No.

Note: I read a few weeks ago that the NYPD may be getting closer to solving another mystery that haunts the Lower East Side and that is the murder of Abe Lowenthal. I have a broken toe and I am exhausted so I can't remember which paper I read the NYPD may be finally close to solving the Lowenthal murder is another mystery I await being solved.

Mayor Bloomberg and his administration along with NYU mega dorming the East Village to death is for me another kind of terrorism, explosive and feels murderous to me.