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Monday, October 18, 2010

Debate for Governor why isn't it local TV stations for all of NY and more by Suzannah B. Troy

Tomorrow morning I will bring you a YouTube but first a thank you to NY1 for trying to bring us a debate that should be on every local channel. It is like street games like basketball and baseball being on cable instead of free to all people and the fact that most New Yorkers could not see or hear the debate is wrong.

NY1 tried their best but their site was over whelmed. I am sure later tonight they will have everything accessible and NY1 is a very important channel that brings us the news. I just wish NY1 was available to us all and that this debate was on every local station as well or at least a few local stations so that people, especially poor people but all people can watch a debate. This gives you a hint in to why NY State spends the most and ranks 40 -- they gave us some statistic which means NY State is a dysfunctional corrupt mess.

Charles Barron said of Pallidino and Cuomo -- not a direct quote but asking these two guys to clean up corruption is like asking an arsonist to put out a fire.

Cuomo will win but he may not have the staggering win he would like. If he lets Steve Rattner walk and continues to embrace Mike Bloomberg he will do less well than he hopes but not as humiliating win as Mike Bloomberg which goes down in NY history as the most expensive and humiliating win at a time when NYC is considered rife with corruption and his very own manager Steve Rattner is as I understand it trying to duck perjury charges and avoiding jail by paying a huge fine.

Jimmy McMillan from "The Rent is Too Damn High" Party was the only candidate to really talk about poverty and how so many people cannot afford to live in New York and the consequences of struggling to survive here let alone feed and educate are kids.

Kristen Davis was so surgerized and fake looking it was hard to look at her but she made a funny and excellent point about the MTA. Every candidate agreed the MTA is a corrupt mess. From NY1's website Davis jokingly compared the transit agency to her former escorting service and said that unlike the MTA, her escorts provided "on-time and reliable service."

Charles Barron wants to get rid of the MTA. I would add get rid of the USPS which loses billions of dollars each year but that is another issue but related because there is so much corruption and waste.

Warren Redlich of the Libertarian Party was a winner for me...he opened by exposing that the head of the New York Public Library earns I believe he said $680,000 and that made my head spin. If we fired him we could open our libraries 24 hours 7 days a week...well not really but it would help with budget cuts for the library.

The Green Party candidate did not even register with me and that has been the a consistent problem with the Green Party and who they choose.

I have a lot more to say. I started watching this debate at a bar and got tired of reading the captions and the body language of the people moderating and asking questions which I felt was telling. Of course Barron opened by pointing out they are all white and I agree this is a problem.

Barron and others used this time to send messages they wanted out there for the public to hear.

Barron was the only one to slam Mike Bloomberg and even though I might vote for Cuomo and if I do I will writing him asking him to take action against corruption, Barron was right, Cuomo has been selective about which corrupt individuals he goes after.

Cuomo was also exposed for taking $50,000 campaign donation from an undisclosed source that owns a parking lot. Cuomo did not answer that charge which I found frustrating.

I would have loved for Barron to be more specific with Cuomo about who Cuomo has let walk. Ironically besides Steve Rattner who in my opinion along with other white collar criminals belong in jail as well as paying multi-million dollar fines, I believe Paterson has been allowed to walk and Rangel and I don't think Charles Barron would agree that he is as guilty as Cuomo about allow certain people to walk but Barron did get in some powerful zingers as he always does although I don't agree with him enough to vote for him.

Kristen Davis spoke as if she was reading from a script and maybe she was written by the men who helped orchestrate the take down pay back of Elliot Spitzer but she was the only one to point out the NY State and I want to point out city workers do not pay their legal bills and if they did they might think twice about crime. I continue to write The NY Post and ask them to give us, the people of New York that latest figure for how much we are paying for Christine Quinn and her staff's legal bills. Some of Quinn's staff hired Sullivan & Cromwell, the same firm Goldman Sachs uses and they specialize in White Collar crime which speaks volumes about Quinn and her staff if they need to hire top defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime.

Albany and City Hall are so corrupt that our State is a laughing stock, a fun place for tourist which Bloomberg and gang court and a raping and pillaging ground for greedy developers like NYU which is trying to force through the area by La Guardia Place and Bleecker as "commercial zoning" so NYU can have the largest building and it is an NYU Hotel!

I want a governor and mayor that will protect us from greedy corrupt developers and I want a governor and mayor that will put the people of New York first.

I want a governor and mayor that believes in equal rights for everyone including when it comes to the law because I am sick of rich corrupt wheelers and dealers being above the law.

Did I see the governor tonight and anyone who reads my blog knows Christine Quinn sold us out, she the people of New York out to developers who are joyfully donating money to her because they want her as mayor and I said no Quinn.

Stay tuned....more tomorrow on all of the above and a YouTube as well.

I am too tired to proof toe is painfully broken....speak to you all tomorrow...

p.s. I told a young man tonight "I love you"....if you watch my new YouTube on St. Vincent's we need a hospital -- you hear me say at the end of the YouTube to a woman slamming Bloomberg and Quinn....
the same words..... By the way, there were signs at the protest asking Cuomo for help to get us a hospital in the W. Village.

Thanks to this wonderful young man...if it wasn't for you I could not have gotten to experience this debate. I am glad they had the different candidates and I got to listen in....