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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steve Rattner his book of lies? This guy pleaded the 5th more times than king Mike Bloomberg has run for mayor by Suzannah B. Troy

Pals send me stories on Steve Rattner's desperate attempts to get coverage for his new book....a book of lies....?

Hello? Steve Rattner pleaded the 5th more times than king Mike Bloomberg ran for mayor! That is stunning and if the S.E.C doesn't ban him than king Mike bought off the S.E.C.

I wasn't invited to Steve Rattner's book party. I guess I have to be a white man, divorced one or two or three times, sleeping with a young woman who desperately loves me for my um, money and power trying to disguise her true feelings for when I reach for my Viagra but mostly she is my arm candy and goes to functions around time and I pay sex workers to attend to my needs and I know the NYPD is never gonna bust me!

Isn't nice to be above the law?

Nope, I am not a guy or gal that is part of the club....Thank goodness.

Well Steve Rattner is lucky he is not going to jail not that rich which men from the financial sector do go to jail. If they do they tend to go to the rich white men's country club jail which is where Steve Rattner would be going if he did not make a deal with Andrew Cuomo according to the article in Vanity Fair....the dumbest guy in the room article written by his friend....that wasn't the exact title but I can't abide the actual title even though his friend has an entire section called "Denial".

Denial is the new crack cocaine and clearly Steve Rattner and his best friend king Mike Bloomberg who he urged to run for a third term does so much "denial" I wish we could tax like like Mike taxes cigarettes!

If the S.E.C. decides pleading the 5th proves Rattner has something to hide than the S.E.C. kind of like the NYPD of trading, stocks, etc. should ban him which would be well.....HUGE!!!!!! They only thing bigger would be Steve Rattner going to rich white man's country club jail but probably President Obama would pardon him.

In my opinion Steve Rattner is guilty as sin and his ghost written book is one big lie.

By the way, did Steve Rattner invite the ghost writer to his book party.

Watch my YouTube series on Steve Rattner... it is rather long and starts during last years mayoral election when Bloomberg has the chutzpah to attack Bill Thompson on the pension funds....hello, Mike's personal money manger was later to be fined was it 12 million for being a very bad boy.....oh I started my YouTube series on him way before than. Just Google Suzannahartist Steve Rattner.

For more on denial being the new crack cocaine watch my newest YouTube where king Mike refuses to turn over 62 emails to the DA he sent to Haggerty because they are personal. Wow, it must be nice to be king of NY. By now the rest of us would have had to turn over the emails and had our computers seized! Could you imagine if the Feds seized and the Justice Dept. took over and even seized king Mike's IPad?

And than there is my 2nd newest YouTube on how king Mike denied the people of New York a referendum and input on term limits two years in a row and his appointed charter commission including a vice chair that happens to work for Con Ed helped extend term limits for city council members AGAIN, this year with out the people of NewYork voting on it!!!!!!!!

Denial is the new crack cocaine from Albany to City Hall!!!!!!!