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Friday, September 17, 2010

911 Dispatch could completely collapse + CityTime, Steve Rattner, Haggerty Bloomberg tehcno-dreams a real nightmare! by Suzannah B Troy

Special Thanks to Queens Crap, Louis, NO THIRD TERM, JT, Juan Gonzalez, our FDNY, NYPD, EMS that put their lives on the line for us and to all the people who have reached out to support me -- this YouTube is dedicated to you with thanks and gratitude from Suzannah B. Troy

Sept. 6th News article...
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2.5 BIL of your tax dollars wasted on his pet project!
Over 10 preventable fire fatalities so far because of UCT911

-Anonymous NYC fireman

New 911 Dispatch System Can't Stand Up to High Volume

The Bloomberg administration's streamlining of 911 dispatch operations has hit another roadblock.

Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez reported Sept. 1 that a computer program provided by a Verizon subcontractor failed quality-assurance testing, which could lead to a termination of its $195-million contract.

'Breaks Down If Saturated'

"When the new software gets saturated with calls for [the Emergency Medical Service] and police, it can't handle the load and the system starts dropping calls," and in a "big public would just break down."

The $2-billion project is meant to shave seconds off emergency response times, and it includes the Unified Call Taker system, which Fire Department unions have condemned, saying that it resulted in units being sent to wrong addresses.

Patrick J. Bahnken, who as president of Local 2507 of District Council 37 represents Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, was doubtful that the overhaul was necessary, saying the "old system worked fine." He then asked, "Was it possible to enhance the existing system?"

Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications Commissioner Carole Post said in a statement, "We have not made a decision. However, we are extremely dissatisfied that Verizon has failed to deliver on this contract. There is no room for anything less than a 100-percent success rate with this program. Verizon has presented us with some options; we are evaluating them."

To date, Verizon has been paid $21 million.