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Saturday, August 21, 2010

True Blood - When the season ends? by Suzannah B. Troy

The True Blood Rolling Stone cover was a hot topic of discussion and than I heard these words we all have thought to ourselves...."What am I going to do when the season ends?" I haven't looked at The Rolling Stones cover and magazine. I know that is sacrilege.

I just can't wait until tomorrow which i predict will frustrate me as much as entertains me.

I feel about Alan Ball's HBO True Blood the way I feel about a really good mystery book I want to finish the book but don't want the book to end -- like the vampires lives, I want True Blood to go and on....

The conversation I joined was by too people that had no problem with all the blood. I do. They just love it. Eat it up. I don't. I am grossed out but still the show is bloody good! We all discussed who we would want to sleep with on the show and for right now I picked the actor who plays the male nurse. I just think he is hot. Of course that is subject to change and I love that really big werewolf.

If only season 4 would start immediately after season 3 ends... Here is a short coming attraction for tomorrow night with Eric as always being riveting..... I am feeling anemic right now as all True Blood fans are waiting for Sunday Night.....!!!!!

Here is the guide for episodes for Season 3 and it looks like Sept. 12 is the last episode....