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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NBC demands YouTube removed a public candidate's YouTube

August 19: An addendum: was sent this info:

This privacy complaint was issued from a person who was at the information desk at 30 Rock
whose face was on the video for 3 seconds his voice was on for 7 seconds

Is this a ploy by NBC? Many people say yes this is and that NBC is doing exactly what the controversial Micahel Moore like YouTube points out suppressing potential candidates that want to clean up Albany!

Here is a question for NBC lawyers:
The employee saw the video cameras and had no objections at the time so why now?

Stay tuned:Doug Biviano is challenging Joan Millman for NY State Assembly in Brooklyn's 52nd District to fight corruption in Albany.

Biviano and his campaign people send the media a powerful message in the opening moments of this sharp and smart YouTube refering to the father of the spirit of journalism John Peter Zenger. You see Doug Biviano standing by Zenger's unmarked grave at Trinity Church in downtown, New York City. Why is Biviano standing there? The British Governor of New York, William Cosby had Zenger thrown in jail for calling the Cosby administration corrupt!

The Michael Moore styled YouTube takes you to The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News and NY1 as well but only NBC is tacky enough and I mean REALLLY tacky and I am being overly polite to pull a William Cosby like move and censor candidate Doug Biviano.

There were security guards there in the lobby of NBC and any employee that did not want their face on camera could have easily spoken up and did not but besides that, it is public space public and NBC has their video cameras there as well so get real NBC!!!! How pathetic to try remove a candidate's YouTube that happens to talk about censorship!!! Welcome to YouTubeland.

The entire point of this YouTube is that the media is censoring opposition to candidates by simply not covering them and I lived it fighting Mike Bloomberg. I had all my YouTubes, 343 YouTubes removed from YouTubeland a month and a half before the election but with the help of famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Siegel and so many others that spoke up for me Google returned my work to YouTubeland with an apology.

NBC is violating freedom of speech and using YouTube and Google to do their dirty work!!!!!

Shame on NBC!!!!!!!!!!! NBC you make The New York Times, The New York Daily News, NY1, and The New York Post look almost like class acts for at least not contacting YouTube to remove this Michael Moore like video admonishing the media for not covering candidates that want to take on the cronies in Albany and City Hall... NBC's local news resembles Entertainment tonight so I should not be surprised but I am shocked that NBC honcho's actually got their lawyers to attack a public candidate running for office that wants to get rid of corruption in Albany!!!!!!!!

NBC's local coverage really lacks the spirit of journalism but even worse was this move by their big honcho's violating the first amendment rights that is the only reason NBC even exists.

NBC how low can you go?