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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bowery Hotel's surfer boy that helped destroy the East Village along with NYU

The New York eminent Domain Times -- a real estate developer's news paper glorifies a surfer that helped destroy the East Village Bowery following NYU's zone busting foot steps.....disgusting. The Bowery Hotel looks like a prison and should be torn down along with every zone buster Amanda the people's Burden, the worst City Planner ever like a coke dealer and why -- because she is a socialite mega-millionaire who's hobby is destroying the beauty and history of this city for rich soulless greedy developers that like to party!

Surfer boy's partner is Eric not so Goode.

The Bowery Hotel sucks...come stay at a zone busting hotel that literally gives the neighborhood the finger -- the message intrinsic to the hideous ugly design by a criminal architect that should be in jail for his ugly designs as well as for zone busting.

NYU mega-dormed the East Village to death and than came zone busting hotels that got the green light from Amanda the people's Burden and Mike Bloomberg. Why? Mike wants Wall Street to start at 14th Street leaving a few token historic buildings to remind the people that the city had soul before he came in to power and destroyed the beauty and history of our neighborhoods and created mass displacement.

I would never set foot in the Bowery Hotel ever.