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Saturday, August 28, 2010

American Indian Seneca Tribe ask for restraining order against NY State

The Seneca Tribe has asked for a restraining order against the State of New York thrusting a cigarette tax against American Indians selling cigarettes on the reservation to non-reservation residences. Indian Country Today reports "Seneca: Cigarette Tax bill is a throwback to "termination era'.

Do not confuse this with the bill the State of New York has passed making buying cigarettes more expense than heroin which I am told sells on the streets of NY for eight dollars.

I have posted on many blogs and made a YouTube about how I believe the taxing of the American Indians economic racism and you can read my explainations about why below including economics 101: The Native American Indians do not have the economic opportunities Americans have because they are on the reservation as well as the question why should the American Indians be subject to a tax to close a massive budget deficit that they have nothing to do with and hasn't our government abused, exploited and greatly harmed the American Indians enough already.

p.s. The State of NY wants to squeeze an million plus out of the American Indians but the trouble is the U.S.A probably owes the American Indians trillions for shady to blatant theft of land.