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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stop Frisk if only we could catch criminals Albany City Hall. Unemployment higher than reported Heroin cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes

Suzannah B. Troy

07/17/2010 9:34 AM

I spoke with with an African American gentleman who was not a fan of Rudy or Mike and he doesn't like the treatment but he said it works. It is degrading and humiliating. Is it effective in catching criminals? Yes. Just not the criminals that are robbing tax payers blind like so many in Albany & City Hall or stealing a third term like Mike Bloomberg w/ his little puppet Christine Quinn. Patterson hired 2 good friends that have a past of roughing up women and Patterson is accused of every so gently getting a victim to not press charges. If he won't resign at least maybe he will serve jail time and Mike too for writing personal checks instead of using his campaign account. Mike Bloomberg has made it cheaper and easier to buy and sell heroin than cigarettes. Unemployment is higher than being reported. Many working are not earning a living wage. Mike Bloomberg and his rich friends like the management at The Mercer Hotel want to sweep vendors including Veterans that served our Country and artists off the streets by all kinds of harassment including ticketing a Viet Nam Vet for his table and small side table being separated by 2 inches. The ticket will be thrown out but what a waste of time including tax payers money and I gather Bloomberg wants people swept off the street or out of NYC or wants them to turn to selling illegal drugs that are easier to sell than cigarettes. Too bad we can't send more politicians to jail. Mike refund the money you are costing the tax payers to hire your campaign staff estimated cost 2 million. Mike Bloomberg flushing democracy down the toilet should be punishable with serious jail time and everyone that aided and abetted him.

* For more on the harassment of vendors and The Mercer Hotel just type Mercer Hotel in the blog search engine.