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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rufus hero dogs saves our soldier' lives 3 hero dogs 1 died fighting off bomber Afghanistan

Deeply moving. I am glad Rufus is safe state side here in NYC and will be reunited with Sgt. Duke. As anyone following my comments knows on my blog I have been covering the story of the manger of The Mercer Hotel calling the NYPD to ticket our Veterans that are now vendors and I caught the NYPD giving Vets tickets over 2 inches on behalf of Michael Rawson, manager of The Mercer Hotel. The soldiers that make it back may have survived by 2 inches. Clearly to many people here in the USA take their service for granted. For those hero dogs that died saving lives - they are in a special place in Heaven.
Go to my blog engine to read more on The Mercer Hotel using the NYPD to ticket Veterans that are now vendors.