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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mayor Blooomberg's new Deputy Stephen Goldsmith Close Firehouses! Anti-gay marraige? He won't survive here

I went up to the new deputy in town, deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith before the breakfast hosted by Crain's began and interviewed him. I ask him if perhaps Bloomberg hired him, a Republican, late in the game because Bloomberg wants to run for President. You can hear it and watch on my YouTube channel.

Eric Engquist, the reporter hosting this event for Crain's, is a smart man, good reporter but he sounded like little lord Fauntleory when he said firehouses too close to each other are redundant and Goldsmith agreed. Goldsmith wants to close them.

How can you push development and close firehouses? Besides fires where people have died every so recently how about the constant infrastructure breaks including man holes covers exploding and gas leaks and the FDNY answer those calls as well which are so many since Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development.

Based on Goldsmith's non-answers he is anti-gay marriage and he was so wishy washy and like his hand shake limp and unwelcoming -- he is in big trouble and I don't see him lasting as long as Dan Doctoroff who I would write and call about infrastructure concerns and he said no worries until the steam pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack by Grand Central.

This guy could not handle a few tough questions at a breakfast by 2 news reporters in front of a mostly white audience of business people...he won't last as long as dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff.

He did mention something about a 3.75 billion dollar deficit -- I think he did and of course he happened to mention closing fire houses and getting rid of emergency boxes.