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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gay slur yelled at Karen by NYU staff East Village

I know first hand the 9th Precinct does not take gay bashing seriously and I have thought about calling the special unit of the NYPD that handles racist, gay bashing etc.

This is NYU--- it's very own empire operating in the East Village aka NYU-ville. NYU is a law in and on to itself and operates above the law in my opinion. One quick example the illegal air sale by the USPS to NYU over St. Ann's Church 120 East 12th Street.

An NYU employee in what I can only describe as one of the NYU vehicles that looks like a dune buggy yelled at Karen as she came out of Key Foods at Avenue A and was crossing the street and one of two males in the NYU vehicle yelled out "QUEER"; One man was Hispanic and one man was tall skinny white wearing a baseball cap. Karen is not sure which one of these men shouted "QUEER".

Karen is a transgender and also a Vet that served during the Viet Nam era.

She called NYU and was directed to Public Safety and Public Safety refused to take the complaint unless Karen stayed at home all day like a prisoner waiting for yet another NYU staff member who could be as prejudice and intolerant to show up.

She decided to pass.

To learn more about Karen go to my search engine on this blog and type in the name Karen.

Karen said NYU is "big business" and this is business as usual. Something like that....