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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Domino Sugar luxury development disaster for community, king Mike Bloomberg's hideous NYC

Mike Bloomberg shuttered The People's Firehouse Engine 212 as he pushed an insane and reckless tsunami of development on old New York's infrastructure.

A mysterious and very convenient fire for a developer was set -- oops -- did I say set? -- and Engine 212 was the closest house and it was and is shuttered.

The subways are filled to the brim actually everywhere in NYC and not just rush hour but will this stop Mike and his puppets from their continued push as reckless, stupid and greedy as what brought Wall Street to implode?


Also note to anyone in affordable housing associated with these luxury condos. Don't even think about asking to use the swimming pool. Affordable housing -- an oxymoron -- is simply a term used by a socialite city planner, Amanda the peoples' Burden as a Trojan Horse to supersize and bust through zoning.

She doesn't need any such term when it comes to her pals in higher ed crushing our community, busting through zoning and blotting out the sky with zone busters. Amanda acts like she is the city planner for NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U. all evil real estate magnates using their not for profit status as a tax shelter to exploit and displace our communities. The universities do not like to publicize the fact they spend big bucks to beat down our communities' law suits.