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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bed bug hell Lower East Side

A tale from the lower east side...once upon a drug user got off the illegal stuff to get on the legal stuff called methadone. This person is a funny, talented, tell it like it is senior on the Lower East Side who lives on the top floor of a building being bombed constantly with the toxic waste poison used to kill bed bugs.

Surviving the addiction to drugs is a battle on to it's own but to be a senior having to endure the fumes from bed bug poisons is another.

How did the building get infested? An apt. that was sublet fell in to the hands of someone that turned it into a hotel not a home and that is how the bed bugs made their entry and now this long term community member is paying the price.

Requests for a heads up including signs in the lobby --- so windows can be opened in advance and fans placed in the windows to air out the place and keep the air circulating have been ignored.

Welcome to bed bug hell lower east side.