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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amanda Burden displaced massive amounts of New Yorkers she is showing up at The American Indian Museum to celebrate her misdeeds

I won't be there to see the horror show in person.

Denial is the new crack cocaine. Of all places, The American Museum, the monstrous city planner who now tries to lay the blame of her dirty work on Mike Bloomberg at least in some circles is going to pat herself on the back for the mass displacement of so many New Yorkers from Manhattanville for her good friends at Columbia University to Willets Point to Brooklyn where an entire neighborhood was displaced for the Nets billionaires boy club and she has done dirty work for NYU aiding and abetting NYU in the tear down of St. Ann's from 1847 at 120 East 12th Street and she helped push through an illegal air sale by the USPS to NYU. She wasn't done with the East Village okaying way too many zone busting dorms and illegal in my opinion down right corrupt real estate deals for Cooper Union to bust through zoning and in one case lease the land where the hideous mirrored building half empty is by the black cube and to tear down the little yellow science building and supersize so it is the height of the Cooper Union dorm across the street thanks to the evil witch, Amanda the people's Burden. Even the previous mayor Rudy's city planner said no to Cooper Union. It is a shell game but when it comes to very rich well connected people Amanda can only say YES!

Amanda mega-millionaire with 40 million dollar trust funds for her kids is responsbile for the mass displacement of way too many so it is down right evil that she show her very tight surgerized face at The American Museum downtown. She and Mike Bloomberg may be responsible for a historical number of people being displaced EVER under one administration.

Amanda socialite, mega millionaire the peoples' Burden is the worst city planner ever in NYC's history and a legend in her own mind. She is very tight with all the media power brokers so all the newspapers will continue to perpetuate the lie -- the phony p.r. but the people sent Mike Bloomberg a message on election day and even the media had to finally report the truth.

One huge reason Mike almost lost to Bill Thompson was he and Amanda Burden displaced so many New Yorkers and made over our city like a bad plastic surgeon.

Amanda the peoples' Burden belongs in jail.

I was sent the invite and I won't be showing up.