May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Giuseppi Logan Brecht Forum & Stone NYC Jazz and Miracles Giuseppi Logan will be playing tonight at Brecht Forum. For those who don't know I discovered him playing on a freezing cold winter day 2 years ago to an empty park. I posted a moving rendition of Begin the Beguine and before I knew it jazz fans and critics were contacting me from all over the world celebrating he was in fact alive. He was looking for a home, a place to compose music and play music.

I ran home and posted the amazing video footage and immediately found a British film maker's video footage of Giuseppi with a little boy Jaee holding hands in Tompkins -- same park almost 45 years before me!

Peter Gershon, publisher of Signal to Noise, wrote a stirring piece about Giuseppi Logan and acknowledged my work along with the British film maker; a powerful piece worth checking out.

Since my first YouTube and now there are over 20 tube in my YouTube documentary he has now cut a new CD, the first since his 2 well received ones by ESP in the 1960's. An angel posing as a human being who works for Salvation Army found him a small space in one the Salvation Army's houses that helps people struggling like Giuseppi which is beyond awesome and his little sliver of a living place filled with instruments donated to him by the Jazz Foundation and given to him by kind people fill his little room.

He is playing at the Stone August 15. I am hoping his son will be back to continue work on his documentary and that down the road a major motion picture will be made to tell Giuseppi Logan's story as well as honoring the tragic loss of GL's grandson, same name as his son Jaee's memory. Jaee was murdered by a cowardly act of gun violence, several shots to the back of his head at a barbecue He was an honor student and a football star and like his grandfather, and Dad Jaee he had the musical gift.\

Note: The film would honor jazz but also raise awareness and hopefully raise money for a foundation to help stop gun violence. Who knows maybe there will be a series of films....

The film like my YouTube documentary would underscore even in the latest chapters of your life you can find some kind of redemption.

You can see my first YouTube discovering Giuseppi Logan and I did not know who he was. As an artist I had a powerful feeling for him -- playing to empty seats....admired his passion and drive at such an old age to get out and play in freezing cold weather.

A friend of his youngest child Jaee and only child from Guiseppi's 2nd marriage told Jaee there is this woman on YouTube filming your Dad! Jaee did not know his father was still alive and after losing his son he wanted to be reunited with his Dad.

I helped make that happened and captured them reunited for the first time in over 40 years so the little boy in the YouTube I found from so long ago in Tompkins is reunited once again with his Dad thanks to a YouTube miracle that I am honored to be part of!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Charles Ranger Sign of the Times

"Serial offender", denial is his crack cocaine, he thinks he is above the law and untouchable. How many other politicos does that describe? Too many!!! Mike Bloomberg wired money out of his personal account instead of his campaign. If any poor schlub running for office did that they would be in trouble; not "Teflon Mike". Accidental gov. Paterson in my opinion absolutely called a victim of spousal abuse by his staff member who I am sure had a past of this kind of behavior and should go to jail for attempting how ever gently to silence a victim. It is not just these offenders but the people, groups and judges that let them walk away over and over. Special note: I attended the Crain's Breakfast for the inarticulate bumbling deputy mayor Goldsmith and he said a figure of the NYC budget deficit next year which was STAGGERING. Next years budget crisis could be described as a terror attack.

Time for the corrupt city council members that voted to extend term limits to vote themselves another raise but they need to start unvoting themselves raises, stop wasting- stealing tax payer money and taking the subway instead of using car services. We need king Mike to fire his campaign staff and reimburse the city for their salaries because he had no right to hire them. But these ideas aren't in Goldsmith's agenda to save the city some money. It would help if Albany closed their 9.2 billion dollar budget crisis which was supposed to be closed last April.

Here is an article from The New York Post covering the anger, sadness and Betrayal felt by people in Harlem. I feel that way about Mike Bloomberg.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy takes Aerial Yoga

You can take Aerial Yoga at locations around NYC or do what I did and arrange a private class.

I took a group class with Michelle and I was the oldest person there and I exceeded my expectations. Taking a private with Michelle was a different experience. She had body genius and superb insights I greatly appreciated. I was able to really relax and be presence. I learned so much. I have the highest praise and I look forward to seeing her perform as well.

Michelle also does teacher trainings and her students are older than me including a 70 year old man. As I get older I am fascinated learning about people who are older still learning and superb they are getting their teacher training. They are already yoga teaching taking their teaching to new heights.

Above is the link to a YouTube of Michelle teaching a class and she is truly amazing teacher. I took a class like this and I did so much more than I ever imagined.

The YouTube is not Michelle but the video also shows you some more Aerial Yoga.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Domino Sugar luxury development disaster for community, king Mike Bloomberg's hideous NYC

Mike Bloomberg shuttered The People's Firehouse Engine 212 as he pushed an insane and reckless tsunami of development on old New York's infrastructure.

A mysterious and very convenient fire for a developer was set -- oops -- did I say set? -- and Engine 212 was the closest house and it was and is shuttered.

The subways are filled to the brim actually everywhere in NYC and not just rush hour but will this stop Mike and his puppets from their continued push as reckless, stupid and greedy as what brought Wall Street to implode?


Also note to anyone in affordable housing associated with these luxury condos. Don't even think about asking to use the swimming pool. Affordable housing -- an oxymoron -- is simply a term used by a socialite city planner, Amanda the peoples' Burden as a Trojan Horse to supersize and bust through zoning.

She doesn't need any such term when it comes to her pals in higher ed crushing our community, busting through zoning and blotting out the sky with zone busters. Amanda acts like she is the city planner for NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U. all evil real estate magnates using their not for profit status as a tax shelter to exploit and displace our communities. The universities do not like to publicize the fact they spend big bucks to beat down our communities' law suits.

East Village cat burglar caught

Rufus hero dogs saves our soldier' lives 3 hero dogs 1 died fighting off bomber Afghanistan

Deeply moving. I am glad Rufus is safe state side here in NYC and will be reunited with Sgt. Duke. As anyone following my comments knows on my blog I have been covering the story of the manger of The Mercer Hotel calling the NYPD to ticket our Veterans that are now vendors and I caught the NYPD giving Vets tickets over 2 inches on behalf of Michael Rawson, manager of The Mercer Hotel. The soldiers that make it back may have survived by 2 inches. Clearly to many people here in the USA take their service for granted. For those hero dogs that died saving lives - they are in a special place in Heaven.
Go to my blog engine to read more on The Mercer Hotel using the NYPD to ticket Veterans that are now vendors.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy's photo of Henry Hill on Exhibition of the American Gangster Website!

City Pragmatist picks up Stephen Goldsmith video footage Crain's doesn't want you to see

Crain's New York hosted this breakfast but was very careful not to show YouTubes like the one posted above and others I include in my playlist that are not by me but a fellow activist.

The topics: closing fire houses, anti-gay marriage? sure sounds like after a very long non-answer that he is, pro-stop and frisk although again it was a non-answer.

Please go to the City Pragmatist and read what he has to say..... Read below what I have to say.... Please watch my YouTube. I walk up to Goldsmith before the function and ask him several questions including why hirer a republican this late in the game unless it is yet another indicator Bloomberg still has his eye on The White House? When I ask Goldsmith about "infrastructure" as in NYC's is shot to hell and my concerns for the people of NYC he says "thank you" which I translate as "F-you, you are dismissed". I made a playlist of YouTubes, one by me and several by my fellow activist and he uses subtitles on all his YouTubes. He is a hard core liberal but being tri-linguil at least he provides subtitles translating republican. All jokes aside Stephen Goldsmith is a disaster who can handle questions from 2 white male reporters and says he is an "operations guys" and he does not want to answer social political questions. Scary I know. He appears not to understand why the FDNY has 2 fire trucks in a firehouse. You see Deputy Goldsmith, one fire truck is an engine and one is ladder and you need both in case of a fire!!!!!! He will not last as long as Dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff. Go to my blog and under my search engine type Goldsmith and read my insights. I mention confronting Doctoroff about infrastructure concerns as well and that was before the steam pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack. Doctoroff did not brush me off with "thank yous". He had someone from DEP contact me and assure me all was ok. Than the Grand Central horrific steam pipe tragedy happened and shortly there after Doctoroff who once referred to himself as the Deputy of infrastructure left to return to king Mike's private empire. Goldsmith is shockingly inarticulate and a bumbler with words. Hard to believe he would be much better with "operations".

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith wants to close Fire Houses FDNY a four letter word!

Stephen Goldsmith (R) wants to close more firehouses and layoff more firefighters. At a July 20, 2010 breakfast meeting, the new Deputy Mayor of New York City had to answer for his opinions about more FDNY cost-cutting.

Mr. Goldsmith said he believed that the city had to renegotiate collective bargaining agreements and challenge court orders that regulate the public safety in order to cut costs.

Mr. Goldsmith was appointed on April 30, 2010, to become deputy mayor by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Under three consecutive terms of the Bloomberg administration, the city has closed firehouses all over the city. But as many as have already been shut down, it still isn't enough for the mayor or his new deputy mayor. They want to see more firemen leave the service, and they want to find ways to cut retirement benefits to our city's heroes.

Henry Hill getting cement shoes The Museum of American Gangsters

Check The New York Daily News tomorrow or early this week for an article about Henry Hill making a guest appearance at Theatre 80. Clayton Patterson showed up and The NYDaily News needed a photographer so hopefully Clayton's photo will run with the article which should be a lot of fun!

Above see Henry Hill getting a pair of cement shoes!

Actually Lorcan Otway the proprietor of Theatre 80 came up with the idea to get Henry Hill's foot prints and his signature in cement. I am sure Hill has many other fans that would like the idea but are not Quakers like Otway!

I have to say that Henry really was very nice but I had to reprimand him for using too much white in his paintings. He stated he is not an artist. I said I know. He paintings go for 50 dollars and they sell.

He has fans and Scorese's film Goodfellas is a masterpiece. Of course the real live harsh realities of his story is beyond most people's scope and disturbing yet perfect for the museum of the American Gangster at 80 St. Marks Place here in NYC.

There was a big enthusiastic turn out to meet Henry Hill, get autographs and watch Goodfellas at Theatre 80 tonight!

The Museum of The American Gangster has moved upstairs from Theatre 80 but still connected literally and with amazing new items; a must to visit while in NYC or pretending you are a tourist!

I gather this Cadillac made an appearance in Goodfellas!

St. Vincent's won't become luxury condos by Louis Flores

Title : St. Vincent's won't become luxury condos by Louis Flores

Residents of the West Village, Chelsea, and other neighborhood in the Lower West Side of Manhattan, showed up at a meeting of Community Board 2 last Thursday night. It was a historic evening in Village history : CB2 passed a resolution to lock the land use and zoning of St. Vincent's Hospital.

Numerous residents signed up to make public statements to the Board Members of CB2. Many residents had urged CB2 to put a lock on the zoning on the site of the former St. Vincent's Hospital. Locking the zoning, or the ''land use',' of the site would prevent the site from being used for other purposes, such as luxury condominiums. Unless a Board Member asked the speaker a question, each speaker was limited to two minutes of speaking time.

Eileen Dunn, RN, who formerly worked at St. Vincent's, asked CB2 and its chair, Jo Hamilton, to locate critical data issued by the Berger Commission. The Berger Commission was a statewide panel, whose members were charged with recommending the ''rightsizing'' of hospitals and nursing homes in New York state.

Nurse Dunn said at the meeting that CB2 Board Member Brad Hoylman had distributed information about the Berger Commission, which Nurse Dunn said was incorrect. Meanwhile, critical Berger Commission data that was applicable to St. Vincent's main hospital site in the West Village can no longer be found on the Internet.

When it came time for Susan Howard to speak, she questioned why CB2 would advocate for a ''needs assessment.'' Ms. Howard said it would be a waste of taxpayer money to conduct an expensive and lengthy study to determine whether a hospital was needed in the Lower West Side. There is no hospital now ; therefore, it is true that a hospital is needed.

Another concerned citizen, Jim Fouratt, took a break outside during the meeting. He said that Beth Israel Hospital is too far away from his apartment if, God forbid, he ever had a heart attack. Mr. Fouratt compared an urgent care center with the pharmacy department at Duane Reade. Both are places you can go, if all you need is a band-aid, but you won't find treatment for broken limbs or strokes at either.

He added that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has let her community down.

Following the sudden and shocking closure of St. Vincent's Hospital, many politicians have proposed replacing St. Vincent's Hospital with an urgent care center. If you have a serious condition, like a stroke, heart attack, severe bleeding, head injury, or other major trauma, don't take a chance. An Emergency Room that is attached to a full-service hospital is where you should go. Otherwise, the pharmacy counter at your nearest Duane Reade might better meet your needs if you suffer from minor burns or injuries, sprains and strains, or coughs, colds, and sore throats.

Deputy Stephen Goldsmith The NYPost runs an anonymous piece dishonest & wishing him well!

Deputy Goldsmith is an inarticulate guy who thinks he can reform Albany and he would have more luck getting the Mafia to become vegetarians! He was introduced as a Jane Jacobs just like Mike Bloomberg's mini-me Christine Quinn was at the Jane Jacobs Street signing even though Quinn has gotten kickbacks from developers as in campaign donations for smoothing their way crushing our communities. I don't like Rudy but Goldsmith doesn't have an ounce of his "rudi-ness". When asked about gay marriage he went on and on for way too long than saying he did not want to answer questions that were political social aka he is anti-gay marriage AND HE WANTS TO CLOSE FIREHOUSES. He did not seem to understand the difference between a engine and a ladder and why we need them both in a firehouse. YouTube search engine type my name and his name to see two YouTube - mine and an activist showing him his embarrassing inarticulateness and cowardly non-speak. Bloomberg is nuts to bring in a republican especially now and I believe just like hiring his campaign staff burdening tax payers to the tune of 2 million and going national w/his donations = eye on Presidency. Watch the YouTube and see someone awkward, a disaster for the people and NYC which he is clueless about as well as how the press is not reporting the real news on this guy.

Read more:

Listen to him say "thank you" when I tell him about NYC's infrastructure is shot and that I hope he will help the people of NY and again he says thank you translated in to "F-you" you are dismissed.

Watch him on this YouTube and hear his non-speak, his cowardly non-answer which I interpret as he is anti-gay marriage and there doesn't believe in equal rights.

Please explain how straight people get off denying gay people equal rights to marriage when straight people are marriage gluttons, getting married 2,3,4,5 times?

Some anti-gay people are closeted gays.

Special note: Goldsmith could not handle questions from 2 white male reporters. He was out of his league and does not belong in New York politics.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forgot to mention the new Republican Deputy to king Mike was introduced as Jane Jacobs!

Jane Jacobs was turning in her grave when Christine Quinn got a similar introduction at the Jane Jacobs street signing.

In NYC is you are rich enough or well connected enough you can get awards at the United Nations to just about anywhere and be introduced as Jane Jacobs even though people like Christine Quinn took kick backs from developers and aided Mike Bloomberg in making the Village look like a bad xerox of mid-town turning in to a bad xerox of Dubai.

How a Republican that wants to close our fire houses to save money as his boss continues to push a reckless tsunami of development on old New York's dilapidated infrastructure and also is anti-gay marriage could be compared to Jane Jacobs is beyond me.

Below my YouTube of Christine Quinn, Mike Bloomberg's mini me being introduced just like our new anti-gay marriage, close our firehouses Deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith.

If you want to see how inarticulate Goldsmith is, how uncomfortable he is with the questions from only two reporters and being introduced in the same sentence as Jane Jacobs here is the link to the video.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mayor Blooomberg's new Deputy Stephen Goldsmith Close Firehouses! Anti-gay marraige? He won't survive here

I went up to the new deputy in town, deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith before the breakfast hosted by Crain's began and interviewed him. I ask him if perhaps Bloomberg hired him, a Republican, late in the game because Bloomberg wants to run for President. You can hear it and watch on my YouTube channel.

Eric Engquist, the reporter hosting this event for Crain's, is a smart man, good reporter but he sounded like little lord Fauntleory when he said firehouses too close to each other are redundant and Goldsmith agreed. Goldsmith wants to close them.

How can you push development and close firehouses? Besides fires where people have died every so recently how about the constant infrastructure breaks including man holes covers exploding and gas leaks and the FDNY answer those calls as well which are so many since Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development.

Based on Goldsmith's non-answers he is anti-gay marriage and he was so wishy washy and like his hand shake limp and unwelcoming -- he is in big trouble and I don't see him lasting as long as Dan Doctoroff who I would write and call about infrastructure concerns and he said no worries until the steam pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack by Grand Central.

This guy could not handle a few tough questions at a breakfast by 2 news reporters in front of a mostly white audience of business people...he won't last as long as dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff.

He did mention something about a 3.75 billion dollar deficit -- I think he did and of course he happened to mention closing fire houses and getting rid of emergency boxes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tree Hugger picks up my coverage of Artist Protest and my Suzannah B Troyisms like NYU"s logo should be a dorm with a dollar bill!

Tony Chisholm interviewed by Suzannah B. Troy Artist Protest of Mike Bloomberg Union Square

Mike Bloomberg is a big patron of the arts so why the protest on this rainy day here in NYC?

Watch my interview with artist Tony Chisholm.

Why are artists calling for king Mike to be dethroned?

Besides violating artists 1st Amendment Right....?

Because he wants to prevent artists from being vendors in Union Square and just in general he wants to sweep vendors off the street to make more room for developers, corporate advertising on city streets in creative ways but most of all king Mike and his greedy pals want to sweep New Yorkers out of NYC and he can't give them a one way ticket the way he gave homeless people so he has the NYPD ticket New Yorkers up to their eyeballs.

The vendors both artists, Veterans that served our Country and anyone who wants to make an honest living need now more than ever because despite what they report on Bloomberg News unemployment is rising and of those employed here in NYC how many are actually earning a living wage?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bloomberg's Times Square has to go Gerald to Suzannah B. Troy

Hi Suzannah,

I read your blog .... loved it! Could you please write something about how the Mayor has totally screwed up Times Square by turning the busy thoroughfare into a pedestrian mall for tourists. How does the street painted green give tourists the New York experience, and do the economic gains - if any - outweigh the losses caused by the inconvenience of re-routing traffic and transit to accommodate the busiest street in the world (Shibuya in Tokyo, notwithstanding) now turned into a mall?

The mayor has never produced any study that predicts gains in revenue for the city that would outweigh the costs associated with closing the street. And now that the plan has been in effect for some time now, I would expect to see some results in the form of a program evaluation.

The other problem I have with closure is that even revenue gains don't justify tampering with an institution like Times Square. If you're traveling in midtown, Broadway is now "wrong way" because you'll have to circumnavigate the entire area just to get across town.

Basically, we need to get him out of office. The man has no vision and no creativity. You create the mall to bring traffic to an area that is underutilized. Times Square does not need this type of enhancement. It will be many years or even decades before we can reclaim this street and reverse this massive urban planning blunder.

Feel free to use my comments if you like.



Dear Gerald,

You are an excellent writer and I agree with you about Mike Bloomberg. I was forefront of the YouTube resistance against Mike Bloomberg stealing a third term and I agree about his lack of vision.

Some where I have a picture of sun bathers sitting in the pollution and grime of Times Square but if you look at this photo on Broadway just below 23rd Street you can see Mike Bloomberg has made if possible for corporate America to buy advertising space and Bloomberg arranges for all kinds of stunts like the huge cones pictured in the photo including in our public parks as he does his best to limit and sweep vendors out.

I think of Mike Bloomberg as Chauncey Gardener in Being There, very bland but above average intelligence and we are living in some comedy horror show. I agree Mike Bloomberg must go.

Thanks for your email and stay in touch!

I look forward to reading more of your writing.



Dear Sweet Kyle of The NY Post doesn't get it Mike Bloomberg is behind the excessive ticketing of New Yorkers!!!!!!!

Dear Sweet Kyle of The New York Post wants Mike Bloomberg to do something about the excessive unjust Kyle -- It is Mike Bloomberg who is behind the ticketing!

Sweet Kyle - huge typo in the header -- It is MIKE BLOOMBERG that is fining us and why? Remember he gave homeless people a one way ticket? Ticketing New Yorkers up to their eye balls raises money for thieving politicians including the 2 million Mike needs to pay his campaign staff he hired on the tax payers back. Google my name and The Mercer Hotel to read on how the NYPD walks past illegal parked cars in front of the Mercer where it says loading and unloading - no parking and empty Mercedes sedans and SUVs sit there as the police go ticket Veteran vendors over 2 inches. Survive Viet Nam by 2 inches and be ticketed for 2 inches here in NYC. The rich are above the law and mostly their lives are ticket free zones, their dealings are in Cayman Islands, declare Florida, Virgin Islands, anywhere but NYC as their home despite having some of the largest homes here. Kyle, NYU has to continue mass displacement and unending need to expand, ditto for Columbia University who lied and said Manhattanville was blighted to abuse eminent domain and make an entire neighborhood move, Cooper Union is doing unkoshor real estate deals that even Rudy's city planner said "no". You can't bust through zoning, supersize and lease a building for 99 years. Bloomberg is never going to do anything Kyle because he and Amanda the peoples' Burden a mega millionaire socialite are responsible for what may be the largest displacement push-out in NYC's history. Kyle, did you see Mike stop and make an appearance at an eviction rally like the mass eviction at 47 East 3rd Street? No Kyle because he and his pals including the Presidents of Universities gobbling up NYC using their not for profit status like rich people use the Virgin Islands at their residence Kyle - it is a tax shelter, greed and they need as many New Yorkers gone and out of here for their real estate deals. The corrupt gov. that hires top white collar law firms like Goldman Sachs - yes your paper reported Christine Quinn approved the hiring of Sullivan & Cromwell as well as other top firms to represent her and her staff at the tax payers expense so the city needs to raise some money Kyle. Amanda Burden will be remembered as one of the worst city planners ever although her good friends in the press including The NY eminent domain Times laud her. The peoples' Burden needs to go back to being a socialite. Paris Hilton needs her we need her to leave and get someone to start undoing what damage has been done if possible.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stop Frisk if only we could catch criminals Albany City Hall. Unemployment higher than reported Heroin cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes

Suzannah B. Troy

07/17/2010 9:34 AM

I spoke with with an African American gentleman who was not a fan of Rudy or Mike and he doesn't like the treatment but he said it works. It is degrading and humiliating. Is it effective in catching criminals? Yes. Just not the criminals that are robbing tax payers blind like so many in Albany & City Hall or stealing a third term like Mike Bloomberg w/ his little puppet Christine Quinn. Patterson hired 2 good friends that have a past of roughing up women and Patterson is accused of every so gently getting a victim to not press charges. If he won't resign at least maybe he will serve jail time and Mike too for writing personal checks instead of using his campaign account. Mike Bloomberg has made it cheaper and easier to buy and sell heroin than cigarettes. Unemployment is higher than being reported. Many working are not earning a living wage. Mike Bloomberg and his rich friends like the management at The Mercer Hotel want to sweep vendors including Veterans that served our Country and artists off the streets by all kinds of harassment including ticketing a Viet Nam Vet for his table and small side table being separated by 2 inches. The ticket will be thrown out but what a waste of time including tax payers money and I gather Bloomberg wants people swept off the street or out of NYC or wants them to turn to selling illegal drugs that are easier to sell than cigarettes. Too bad we can't send more politicians to jail. Mike refund the money you are costing the tax payers to hire your campaign staff estimated cost 2 million. Mike Bloomberg flushing democracy down the toilet should be punishable with serious jail time and everyone that aided and abetted him.

* For more on the harassment of vendors and The Mercer Hotel just type Mercer Hotel in the blog search engine.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Henry Hill of GoodFellas fame coming to Theatre 80 See the film, meet Henry Hill

3 of my Tubes on The Museum of American Gangsters Theatre 80

Bed bug hell Lower East Side

A tale from the lower east side...once upon a drug user got off the illegal stuff to get on the legal stuff called methadone. This person is a funny, talented, tell it like it is senior on the Lower East Side who lives on the top floor of a building being bombed constantly with the toxic waste poison used to kill bed bugs.

Surviving the addiction to drugs is a battle on to it's own but to be a senior having to endure the fumes from bed bug poisons is another.

How did the building get infested? An apt. that was sublet fell in to the hands of someone that turned it into a hotel not a home and that is how the bed bugs made their entry and now this long term community member is paying the price.

Requests for a heads up including signs in the lobby --- so windows can be opened in advance and fans placed in the windows to air out the place and keep the air circulating have been ignored.

Welcome to bed bug hell lower east side.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A bag of Dope costs 10 dollars Cigerettes cost 12 dollars in Mike's public empire

TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010

A bag of Dope costs 10 dollars Cigerettes cost 12 dollars in Mike's public empire

Say what? Mike Bloomberg has made it cheaper to get a bag of dope than cigarettes!

I have never done drugs and when I heard this I thought dope was meant pot but I was told dope meant

Queens Crap: Bloomberg pretends to run for President -- again


Posted this comment:

Impeach Mike Bloomberg. FYI: Hiring Bush's guy to be his deputy was yet another sign he still want to be President.

Hiring his campaign staff with 6 figures salaries to what the NYPost estimates is 2 million dollars he is sucking out of tax payers wallets - a big signal after his hugely embarrassing, humiliating win.

Denial is the new crack cocaine.

Watch my YouTube - -I include Amanda the peoples' Burden, Steve Rattner - Mike's Money manger who may be banned by the SEC for 3 YEARS!!!!

Mike doesn't care that he has been caught wiring money out of his personal checking account instead of the campaign account. Why would he care? He holds the purse strings to Cy Vance's office!

Read this about 1 degree as opposed to 6 degrees seperation -- Cy Vances owes money to this guy that worked on his campaign, this guy is married to Maura Keaney, Keaney was working Haggerty, Keaney written up with Christine Quinn for questionable behavior - as in ethic lapse and intimidation by Jim Dwyer - I included the link -- Bloomberg's campaign guy may or may not get in some hot water at the Blagojevich trial...

Gay slur yelled at Karen by NYU staff East Village

I know first hand the 9th Precinct does not take gay bashing seriously and I have thought about calling the special unit of the NYPD that handles racist, gay bashing etc.

This is NYU--- it's very own empire operating in the East Village aka NYU-ville. NYU is a law in and on to itself and operates above the law in my opinion. One quick example the illegal air sale by the USPS to NYU over St. Ann's Church 120 East 12th Street.

An NYU employee in what I can only describe as one of the NYU vehicles that looks like a dune buggy yelled at Karen as she came out of Key Foods at Avenue A and was crossing the street and one of two males in the NYU vehicle yelled out "QUEER"; One man was Hispanic and one man was tall skinny white wearing a baseball cap. Karen is not sure which one of these men shouted "QUEER".

Karen is a transgender and also a Vet that served during the Viet Nam era.

She called NYU and was directed to Public Safety and Public Safety refused to take the complaint unless Karen stayed at home all day like a prisoner waiting for yet another NYU staff member who could be as prejudice and intolerant to show up.

She decided to pass.

To learn more about Karen go to my search engine on this blog and type in the name Karen.

Karen said NYU is "big business" and this is business as usual. Something like that....

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Girl Who Played With Fire - Why the books & film speak to me

NY Daily News Christine Quinn's LULUS - read why I writes she belongs in jail.

Christine Quinn belongs in jail for aiding and abetting Mike Bloomberg in denying us a referendum and pushing through a 3rd term. Read Benjamin Lesser's power piece on her and other city council members getting what sounds like kick backs for tax payer money they allotted to shady developers.

Read the last 2 paragraphs which expose corrupt Christine Quinn. How much money has she and her staff burned through - tax payer money hiring top defense lawyers that specialize in White Collar Crime including Sullivan & Cromwell, same firms as Goldman Sachs hired. I called John Liu's office and asked him to please put the costs on NYC gov website or his comptroller website and asked if we can have an APP for our Iphones on NYC gov "spending" or I prefer another term re: tax payer money.

The article also points out the fake hypocrites -- all talk saying the right thing but actions are counter....

From The New York Daily News article

"Ten members told Citizens Union they support an end to lulus but took the money anyhow. They are Fernando Cabrera, Margaret Chin, Daniel Dromm, Julissa Ferreras, Helen Foster, Sara Gonzalez, Karen Koslowitz, Darlene Mealy, Rosie Mendez and Diana Reyna. They are hypocrites."

Read more:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 alarm fire East Village Houston Street

I don't have a link yet to info re: fire.

Just heart breaking and I hope everyone is safe especially fighting fire in this heat.

A lot of firemen died Sept. 11 from the houses in the area and pre-Sept. 11 Capt. Drennan and his guys died. I remember all the flowers outside the firehouse and I joined in putting flowers out -- this was pre-9-11 and I left them for Bobby Beddia & Joseph Graffagino

Just saw footage on Channel 5 news and again I hope everyone is safe --- big NYPD turn out, one ambulance in the area ---

it is right next door to the hideous ugly "Red Square" built by developer Mike Red Square Rosen and they showed the Lenin statue on the roof--- a rich man, Mike Red Square Rosen's toy -- he kids himself that Lenin is waving at Wall Street but many of us think Lenin should be moved to his luxury duplex or triplex ---that the statue symbols what a big phony and hypocrite Rosen is. Rosen considers himself a zoning expert and he has quite the views from the Christadora is a symbol of gentrification and The Red Square looks like a pro-type for all the mega dorms that have destroyed the East Village. NY Law dorm on 3rd Street even has balaconies like Red Square. Mike Red Square Rosen is a mini-Mike Bloomberg wannabe.

My maternal Grandfather was born down the street on Ludlow Street in a tenement house in to poverty. It was the early 1900s and you could smell the poverty on the street.

Re-open our firehouses the mayor closed after 9-11.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lubin Bisson on Artist Tony Auletta

In September 2006, I had the opportunity to visit California for the first time in my life.

I grew up in Toronto; live in Montreal; been going to New York City and Boston for at least 30 years; lived for periods of time in Paris and Quebec City; traveled Europe; worked as a wilderness guide for a year in the Yukon Territory.

But besides New York, New England and Alaska, I had never been anywhere else in the States.

Been to Cuba but never been to California...

On Labour Day weekend, I flew to Chicago, and then to San Francisco.

Meetings were planned in San Francisco, Sausalito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, over the course of the week, with partners in the online advertising industry.

I was traveling alone and on a relatively tight schedual.

Depending on the results from my first meetings, I was going to be driving down to San Luis Obispo on the Wednesday afternoon or the Thursday morning.

Business went smooth; I thought it was fun that my hotel was on the corner of Dashiell Hammett Street; and, on the Wednesday morning, I packed up my room, left my suitcase and things with the concierge, and then taxied over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.

One of the morning meetings led to my continuing things in the afternoon and postponing my departure until Thursday morning, as planned if necessary.

The address in Sausalito was right on the waterfront, so instead of taking a taxi back to the city, I ended up on the ferryboat.

Just a wonderful way to come across the bay: seeing Alcatraz up close, sailing ships and freighters, and the incredible view of San Francisco.

When we landed in the port authority, I decided to walk back to the hotel and check out the address where I was supposed to pick up my rental car the next morning.

Across the street from the rental office, in an old converted hotel, was a youth hostel.

I hadn’t reserved anywhere for this last night in San Francisco.

I really did book out of my room, when I left my bags with the concierge, playing it by ear, since, if things went a certain way, I would have got on the road that afternoon.

It seemed it would be kind of an adventure to spend the night at the youth hostel.

I asked the people at the front desk if they had individual rooms.

I was told they were all taken, but that the regular rooms included only two sets of bunk beds, and each room had its own toilets and showers.

When I told them that sounded fine by me, I think they thought I was a bit crazy.

Here I was in a full business suit, neck tied, and I obviously didn’t have a youth hostel membership card.

Ha, ha.

Took care of all that, got my card, paid for my room, and told them I would be back in a less than an hour with my things.

A trolley car up, and a taxi cab back, from my original hotel, and the registration desk people gave me my sheets and my key for the night.

The elevator was broke; lugged my bags up the three flights; put my key in the door and, when I walked in the room, stretched out on the bottom of one of the bunks, I saw this long-haired guy, with his arms folded back and behind his head.

He looked at me sweating in my suit-and-tie and asked:

“What are you doing here?”

I smiled and said facetiously:

“I am following the road of Jack Kerouac.”

Well, he shot out of bed, whipping up to me with his arm held out, started shaking my hand, and goes:

“I can’t believe you said that.

“My name’s Tony.”

Right then-and-there our relationship was sealed.

We started speaking back-and-forth to each other, at about 200-words-a-minute, laying out our life stories, in particular as they related to Jack Kerouac.

Tony was a painter.

He told me about how he knew Gregory Corso, back at the Chelsea Hotel, and on Horatio Street, and all the habits they shared.

I told Tony how I had had the chance to meet up with William S Burroughs, at a bar called ‘The Edge,” and how I recently attempted to work with Burroughs’ spin-doctor from Kansas, concerning a novel one of my friends’ wrote (and right then, I gave him a copy of the book - I had taken to always carrying two copies with me, as I traveled).

Well it turned out Tony knew Burroughs’ spin-doctor from Kansas, from back in the days when they both had worked, at one-time-or-another, at the Gotham Book Mart.

Then we learned that we had crossed paths at the St-Marks Bar & Grill, when Tony was starting to succeed in art, tripping with Harry Smith and Allen Ginsberg, and I was doing that one last trip, before going off to Paris, and meeting Foucault at the library, and Maurice Girodias with the neighbours.

I had even stayed at the old YMCA, across the street from the Chelsea Hotel, when Tony, Harry and Corso all lived there.

(I didn’t have enough money for the Chelsea).

We both had kids.

My son was turning ‘one’ the next week.

Tony’s children had children.

In less than 15 minutes, we knew a whole bunch of stuff.

We even both agreed that this actual old-hotel-now-a-youth-hostel might have been the one-and-the-same hotel where Neal Cassady dropped off Jack and Luanne, after that cross-country trip recounted in ‘On the Road’ and ‘Visions of Cody”.

Ha, ha

So then we decided to walk out to North Beach, Tony knew it well from living here before.

I loved North Beach, since adventuring there a couple of days before.

For some unknown reason, I had a packed an Adidas track-suit top with me – something I hadn’t worn since I was in university - in any case, I dressed down, and Tony and I headed out.

He wore what looked like a brakeman’s cap.

Passing through Union Square, detailing our lives as we walked along Montgomery Street, swinging past the TransAmerica Pyramid, crossing the border from the Financial District to North Beach, Tony and I kept each other enthralled with the scope and intensity of our respective endeavours.

It wasn’t one-upmanship…

I think we both had just never met someone like each other.


(If you don’t mind my saying so…).

Then before we hit where Montgomery segues out to Columbus Avenue, an Econoline van pulled over to the curb, as we were walking on the sidewalk, and a guy in the passenger seat rolled down his window and waved us over.

He was holding some sort of long-thin book, or a pamphlet, half out the window.

As Tony and I walked over, he asked if we could give him some directions.

He handed me the book.

I had just started wearing eyeglasses to read and, holding the book out at arms-length, tried to see what he had passed to me.

Turning the book over to the cover, I laughed.

Its title was something like: “The Beats’ Guide to San Francisco.”

Ha, ha.

I said: “Hey Tony, this is too funny. They are looking for the apartment where Neal Cassady and Carolyn lived on Russian Hill.”

The girl who was driving asked, as Tony and I broke up laughing: “What’s so funny?”

When I told her that Tony and I had just met, and that we had spent the last hour sharing our Jack Kerouac stories, and his Gregory Corso and my William Burroughs stories, it was all-too-hilarious to top it off with their Neal Cassady pilgrimage – Ha, ha.

She whipped out a business card, lent across to the passenger’s window, and, as she handed me the card, asked: “Can we interview you?”

Taken aback, I looked at Tony.

The guy in the van said: “You will have to sign a release.”

Then they explained that they worked for Francis Ford Coppola.

He was producing a feature film from Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road,” and the director, Walter Salles, who directed ''The Motorcycle Diaries," has a documentary about Kerouac in the works, to go along with the feature film.

Laughing, we both said “Sure, why not,” and then the back and side doors of the van burst open.

A guy with a boom microphone, and another with a tripod and a camera, came jumping out onto the sidewalk.

Within seconds, the original guy and girl informed us that they didn't know how Salles would use the footage, but they would like to take turns filming and recording us.

The idea was that while one of us recorded a story about “On the Road,” the novel, and our relationship to it, the other would be filmed for about 10 minutes, in a full body direct shot, not moving, or trying not to, and not smiling, or trying not to, so that the images could later be “voice-over-ed” into the movie.

For the next 45 minutes, we filmed on the street, me telling a story about first reading Kerouac after having already read and met Burroughs.

It was when I lived in the Yukon, and worked at a North Face shop, which served as a sort of headquarters for wilderness guides, when we weren’t on canoe trips or helicopter skiing.

I had Mondays off and used to go to an abandoned cabin, looking out on the water, downriver from Whitehorse.

It was an enchanting spot, on the trail to the flats where the first nations lived, and I used to spend the day reading, while waiting for Indians to come and trade me mason jars of porcupine quills for bungee cords, or pieces of fur for strips of Velcro.

That’s where I first read “On the Road.”

Kerouac was telling the same stories that I had read about in Burroughs.

It was an amazing literary feat, from my perspective, and I was more than inspired.

I started to dream of heading south, when my time would finally come to leave the Yukon, and hitchhiking a big ‘U Turn,’ heading down to Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, L.A, and San Diego, then making my way across to New Orleans and Jacksonville, before heading back north to NYC and Boston, and then returning to Montreal.

Later, when I finally did start that trip, heading south from the Yukon, I made a left turn at Vancouver and never did make it to California

Until this trip, 25 years later, where I meet Tony the Artist and get the chance to be interviewed for an eventual film celebrating Jack Kerouac.

Ha, ha.

Tony told them about a party in the Lower East Side where a group of them were reading aloud sections of “On the Road,” and it ended up becoming an orgy.

Ha, ha.

We were all excited when everything was over, and the girl and guy and their crew packed up, telling us they were going to the airport and flying to Santa Monica.

With the business card contact details, they told us we could always follow up, and we all said good bye, hugging and laughing and feeling so fine, like there was something incredible we had just accomplished.

When only Tony and I were left, we crossed over to Columbus Avenue.

I kept telling Tony there was something familiar about the name of the company on the business card.

We continued laughing and saying this was quite wonderful and totally fit with how we both lived, and, somehow, our “Jack Kerouac connection.”

Farther up Columbus, we could see Ferlinghetti’s City Lights Bookstore.

Then we walked up beside the green ”triangle building,” that looked so good juxtapositioned against the TransAmerica Pyramid, when I had been visiting North Beach a couple of days before.

“Look at that Tony,” I said.

On the black awnings for the restaurant on the ground floor of the fantastic green ”triangle building” was written “Zoetrope.”

At the very “point” of the triangle, there was a long red plaque announcing that this was the historic ‘Sentinel Building,’ home of Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope.

An uncle Coppola ran the restaurant.

We asked a black girl passing by to take our picture, with Tony and me standing on either side of the plaque, and holding out the business card.

This day started our relationship.

We had supper, bought pastries in an Italian bakery, eventually made out way back to the youth hostel, spoke into the night, said our farewells when I took off the next morning, my suit back on, with plans to lunch in Big Sur.

There are 45 months more of stories that Tony and I would share.

Some of them as intense as this first day we met.

Tony passed away last Friday or Saturday, we're not sure.

His caretaker found him Monday morning, and he had already passed for some time the police said.

In August, Walter Salles will start directing the film version of “On the Road.”

He has the guy from the Joy Division movie, and the girl from the Twilight films, who also played the Runaway, starring, and shooting starts here in Montreal, if you can believe it, before moving on to New Orleans and Mexico.

I can’t wait to see the documentary.