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Monday, June 14, 2010

NYU the evil empire the purple reign of terror to continue to blot out the sun and weigh heavy on our old infrastructure

I got this notice.......June 21 at 6:30 pm at 75 Morton Street (at Greenwich Street) where NYU will present its plans for a 40-story hotel on Bleecker Street within the landmarked Silver Towerscomplex as part of its 20-year expansion plan, ‘NYU 2031.’

My response!!!!

NYU is the evil empire! I feel sick to my stomach when I see new students and parents being given a tour -- the tour of lies.

I could give them the real tour showing them Bobst Library the suicide hot spot forcing NYU to install suicide prevention barriers.

I wish I had video taped the parishioners praying and crying on the street when they were turned out of their church, St. Ann's 120 East 12th Street. I would tell parents about the USPS illegal air sale and how the USPS was confident that just like chronically blocking fire hydrants around the corner the USPS was and is above the law. The USPS never notified the State of NY as legally required. The State than would have investigated is this in the best interest of the community, environment and possible infrastructure concerns but IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!


St. Ann's from 1847 survived everything but NYU's need and greed to mega dorm the East Village to death.

I would show parents where Poe House was and so many stunning pieces of architecture -- history where ripped down and destroyed with NYU, the evil empire leaving a piece of architecture like a part of a dead body, NYU's shame. See 120 East 12 Street.

I would show parent's Provincetown Play house - what was but again NYU had to destroy our history.

I would take them to Stuy Town and show them what was meant to be affordable housing for the people of NY.

Maybe we could find out if NYU removed their very dangerous added walls they put in illegally to cram more students in. The City of NY finally said enough is enough. The FDNY said it is a fire hazard but did NYU remove these fake walls?

The stories go on and on and NYU has lost it's credibility and their education with the exception of a few departments is considered a sham. It is considering a party school where parents pay exoberant prices that go to John Sexton's 1.8 million dollar salary and high priced lawyers to beat down the communities law suits.

John Sexton, the evil president of NYU that has been the prime mover behind tearing down St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street and Provincetown Play house and fake walls at Stuy Town rushed down to testify that Mike Bloomberg must have a third term.

By the way -- can John Sexton even vote here in NYC? It would be interesting to learn what his real estate holding are and where he actually declares his residence.


Did you know that he is in competition with Columbia University president -- both said to have lost their way --even their souls crushing the communities up and downtown all in the name of higher ed.

Columbia U. abused eminent domain to displace an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville. Columbia U. is tied up in court right now by some fighting Columbia U. abuse of eminent domain. Columbia U. lost the first round but they appealed. How many college kids know that Columbia U., Cooper Union and NYU have to pay big bucks to attempt to beat down the communities law suits?

Sexton did not rush down to testify the people of NYC must have a referendum because he doesn't care about the people but about real estate greed and gobbling up the neighborhood and building as many sky piercing zone busters that blot out the sun and history that was the Village, East and West, Chelsea, Seaport, anywhere where NYU, the evil empire wants to expand which includes Brooklyn as well.

NYU uses and abuses real estate. NYU uses the term "community facility" to bust through zoning and exclude the community. I continue to demand community outreach resource buildings in every mega dorm so students would know community members are struggling and volunteer.

My theory is NYU uses the their higher ed status as a tax shelter and lets the community absorb a lot of costs like expanding infrastructure and NYU weighs heaviest on our infrastructure and investigate how many infrastructure breaks we have had since their expansion.

Another shady way NYU deals mortgage deals like this one...

There are more horror stories about NYU but truly it is a party school and there are many drug dealers and sells of anything you need to party just waiting for these kids to arrive.

Landlords have shortened their leases thereby raising their rents to push out long term community members so they can cater to NYU students because NYU students are there for the short term meaning the landlords get to continue to jack up rents that help push people out.

NYU uses the Village as a selling point but John Sexton is the reason the Village longs like a bad xerox of mid-town turning in to a bad xerox of mid-town.

NYU opened the door for The New School, Cooper Union, NY Law and SVA to confuse the East Village with dorm fodder.

NYU lead the way for hotel developers and condo developers to build sky piercing zone busting builds that weigh heavy on our dilapidated infrastructure which is constantly breaking and leaking.....

NYU murdered the community and destroyed the history and instead gobbled up the community inviting a transient population that is catered to by hotels, bars, dorms and banks.....

NYU turns out the public for their graduation in a public park. Their graduation should be in the new Yankee Stadium -- again just like the NYU "improvements" -- we did not want the new stadium and we didn't want the tax burden.

The only thing John Sexton, Mike Bloomberg, Amanda the socialite mega-millionaire city planner have not done is provide NYU buses, trains and trolleys to move the people out for their unending need to expand.

NYU the evil empire, the purple reign of terror....