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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg's other more insidious way to kill New Yorkers besides a tsunami of reckless development

Note: Mike has found a way to shove advertising down our throats with Red Bull creating structures where there none to advertise. If this was a street as if was designed to be than Mike could not sell advertising space here the way he does. Did you see the "Think Bloomberg" ads in Grand Central Station on the stairs and Mike Bloomberg will not divulge how much he paid if he paid anything for those ads? Maybe the MTA gave it to the king mayor for free? Who knows since Mike is not forth coming with either his private or public empire aka NYC. I am still waiting for a call back or email from his public relations woman from his private empire but she is pulling the notorious little emperor of NYC routine like when Mike is asked about his trips to Bermuda and his investments in the Cayman Islands....

How is Mike killing New Yorkers in insidious ways?
One is encouraging them to sit in traffic like this and inhale the noxious fumes from cars and trucks which as to be as bad as 2nd hand smoke if not worse! Thanks Mike.

Also the over the top reckless tsunami of development where how many New Yorkers were either killed or injured from construction accidents, cranes or pieces of cranes, scaffolding, infrastructure breaks like the Steam Pipe Explosion by Grand Central...

How many New Yorkers have made complaints about smells, toxins, noise pollution coming from construction sites all over the city. A record amount because Mike Bloomberg pushed a record amount of reckless builds all over the city -- too many, too fast to be safe or well built for that matter.

Thanks Mike the nanny mayor who wants us to cut salt out of our diet but sit in traffic and inhale pollutants!

Mike is probably in Bermuda but as exposed by the press he is less than forth coming about his trips to Bermuda which I am told he leaves early Friday mornings. In fact he is as forth coming about his trips to Bermuda as his investments in the Cayman Islands.

Regarding air quality and moves like shown in the photograph above -- could that be a possible reason that Mike Bloomberg and gang want all air testing to be approved by the NYPD? I don't know. I am just asking?