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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cy Vances credits the NY Post exposing John Haggerty jr with why he was able to go for indictment

Cy Vance said he learned about it from The New York Post. How do we know that the same wasn't down with the majority of the 110 million spent since The New York Post hasn't investigated that? I made up the term sub-zero trickle down and that certainly describes the 110 million that Bloomberg spent. Where did all that money go? A big percentage went in to his campaigners pockets. I don't think it is baffling. What is baffling is just one person got caught. Bloomberg does not care. He only cares about winning. He continues to demonstrate that with his newest arrogant statement that he can yet again spend as much as he wants directing his monies in to other people's campaigns. The only good news is that Haggerty said he will sing and tell all and that Bloomberg is so arrogant the like Christine Quinn and Steve Rattner think they will never be held accountable. Steve Rattner who was getting ready to sell his book on his supposed great moves at the car czar at The White House will have problems if he is banned by the SEC for 3 years selling his book. Like Bloomberg and gang he thinks people won't being reading the news and believe what ever they tell us. I keep making my YouTubes and great work by Brendan Scott NY post exposing Dave Patterson, Sheldon Silver, John Sampson are pushing to make the law firm they represent and Dave's father to reap even larger percentages of money from law suits while NY is sinking in to a greater financial crisis.

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