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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Columbia University abuse of eminent domain post by Suzannah B. Troy

Folks: I thought the meeting was tonight and I was eager to bring you more YouTubes like the series I will post here but last night and there was a bus ride today with community members I could not make to attend a court date on eminent domain abuse which in my opinion has run rampant here in New York. Now on to the the abuse of eminent domain which under the mayorship of Mike Bloomberg and his administration has gone wild. King mayor Mike is the developer's mayor. To developers there is no abuse of eminent domain but when you watch my YouTube interview with Norman Siegel, famed Civil Rights lawyer on the Columbia University campus on eminent domain, he spells it out clearly and simply and there is no doubt in my mind Columbia University abused eminent domain to simply clear out an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville. Norman Siegel has won the first round against Columbia University representing his client. Here is the report from last night's meeting at St. Mary's which I am sad to say I missed this heavily attended meeting. I heard Norman Siegel along with many owners that had their businesses displaced and community members made a powerful case for Columbia University's abuse of power, the displacement of an entire neighborhood abusing eminent domain. I have heard The New York Times building abused eminent domain and it is ironic because small businesses were forced to move and because the paper aka "The Old Grey Lady" was having a problem turning a profit, they became a landlord as well which adds insult to injury. Everyone has heard about the Ratner development for a sports arena in Brooklyn, future home of the Nets and again eminent domain abuse. Willets Point in Queens is also a battle of eminent domain that New Yorkers have protested as abuse of eminent domain. Welcome to Mike Bloomberg's New York! When Mike Bloomberg says progress it means get your moving van. Mike Bloomberg and his real estate magnate friends including the owner of "The Old Grey Lady" loves eminent domain....abuse but if someone knocks at your door and tells you, you have to move you most likely will not like it but the one thing these cases all appear to have in common in my opinion they are breaking the law or should I say abusing the laws of the land. Question: Do you think the fact The New York Times is such a lover of the abuse of eminent domain as in that is how they got their prime real estate for the new building that may in some way impact how the paper reports or does not report all the shady real estate dealings and community crushing development under Mike Bloomberg and socialite mega millionaire City Planner, Amanda the people's Burden? I would have to say yes! Powerful interview with Norman Siegel at Columbia University with Suzannah Troy and the Columbia U. students showed up to protest in support of the community chanting "Not in our name!". Ramon with his son speaking at protest on Columbia U. campus Floridita (Cuban Soul Food) owner Ramon interviewed by Suzannah on Columbia U. abuse of eminent domain at Floridita Francy Batista in spanish talking on eminent domain and giving mayor Bloomberg hell Tony Avella speaking up for the community against eminent domain abuse