May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Giuseppie Logan very happy Easter Morning -- Suzannah's 2 Giuseppies the musician & hero NYPD Lt. and Gwenn buys GL's CD

Folks: I am so over exhausted and sick of being very sick. Giuseppi and many others have been either calling me and emailing me to see how I am feeling. Today I did way too much and I am exhausted. I still have bad throat burn and a little cough but much better. I am so very tired I forget to say Lt. Giuseppie Petrosino was the first NYPD officer to die abroad in the line of duty so if you read through the text portion I include a link that tells you how Lt. Petrosino's story is an inspirational story. Here is the YouTube from 1966 w/his son Jay in Tompkins. My YouTube series on GL Sunday morning in Tompkins Square Park where I first filmed GIuseppi Logan and ran home posted the YouTube and than find the above YouTube with GL and his little son! Giuseppi learns music by listening and so he had me play some Ella singing Cole Porter I happen to have on my IPhone and than he played the music by ear with his unique interpretations. A woman walking by holding her tennis racquet was really taken by the music and came over and asked to buy a CD of GL's. I ran and got change for her and GL was so pleased by her beautiful words and as always he needs to earn money so it was a good morning for him. GL was pleased with the trip to Phili which Matt Lavelle made happen a long with all the bookings Matt has gotten that help GL to keep on keeping on with dedicated musicians. I called Jay even though he is far away in California and he called us back. It was so exciting because they will be reunited after all these years. I even put Gwenn on the phone to express her feelings about why she was drawn to GL. Jay and GL talked about music because that is a language that is truly theirs, in their DNA, their musical gifts and when they instantly connect I enjoy the connection and know I can't go their. I don't understand music at all except I love the passion and intensity of music. It was a joyous and magical time -- the best and most beautiful of NYC magic for me. I am wearing an NYPD pin with Lt. Giuseppie Petrosino (I always pronounce his name wrong) and I was so tired and I am tired from being very sick -- I forget to say Lt. Petrosino was the first NYPD officer to die abroad in the line of duty. In this YouTube I take you to the NY Police Museum and show you part of an exhibition dedicated to Lt. Giuseppie Petrosino!!!!