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Friday, December 19, 2008

young man tells me to become a model on his website, street scams, Fall of Arrogance continues, all economic strata, kid themselves, denial destinatio

I was wearing my Pucci winter jacket, double discount at Century 21 a couple of years ago, and to find a Pucci or anything in Italy that wraps around my big shoulders is also a miracle...

the jacket is like wearing Brad Pitt, yesterday a group of men called me "rainbow lady" and this morning, unshowered, big coke bottle glasses, a young man, almost young enough to be my grandson, complimented me on my jacket...

I said thank you. This immediately opened the door. He told me I should be a model. (Hilarious for several being how I look but two -- it was clear to him THAT I WAS NOT ONE)

and than he told me I should be on his website....hmmmm, do you think there is some charge for that honor...? I did not respond -- he yelled after me that I was stupid for not to going for it....At that point I reprimanded him for speaking that way to anyone.

Calling women "stupid" is a red light folks...

But it could be someone male or female --- someone who calls you friend but they are not.

Fall of Arrogance continues like domino effect -- the great white sharks to the street sharks, to posers -- posing as anything but what they are and they have one common thread -- they think they are getting away with it and may continue with the fantasy but someone will do so from behind bars -- finally or life serves justice in mysterious ways not in our time but I like to think justice will be served.