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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Suzannah B. Troy "Jack" attack, Jacked up, Jack Maple on my mind and this economic tsunami of a meltdown

I really have this funny urges to by a box of Jack Maple's book and hand them out to police officers!  

I just saw what I call a "chain" bar  "-- just expanded and it was jam pack, just cringed...

The city hasn't even felt the full weight of this economic tsunami of a melt down and the sky piercing condo's, many half empty, city wide are like soulless glass ghosts marking arrogance and greed.   Of course NYU and Columbia University are still licking their chops with greed longing to sweep up more real estate as if their expansion has not crushed enough communities....

The New York Times took a swipe at historic preservation but was careful to keep their lips puckered to city planning's uncool misdeeds -- disservice to the city and the people.  I believe it is because The New York Times got to supersize and used eminent domain to do it and just like NYU, Columbia U. and Cooper Union they could not get the job done with out the mayor and good friend Amanda  socialite mega millionaire Burden.

I felt the editors had no right to advise anyone to work with city planning when the city planning dept under socialite mega millionaire Amanda Burden destroyed this city (what was left of it despite her phony public relations)  and if you don't think this tsunami of community crushing development is connected to this tsunami of an economic meltdown  than you haven't looked at the neighborhoods city wide that with these ghost building monuments to greed and hideous architecture.   

It was sickening, just like so many front page puff pieces including the one about Amanda Burden, the  arrogance displayed by the editors of  The New York Times  makes me think of the heads of the auto industry and their private jets.   The New York Times needs to reflect the pulse of the people far more than they have and stop pushing the likes of Amanda Burden down our throat. 

If The New York Times doesn't get with it they will probably go belly up as well at this rate.  As much as I believe the paper is making very wrong decisions putting their rich friends a head of real New York kind of like how they built their new building, I don't want the paper to have to lay off more people.   I don't want lay offs and sadly the wealthy that are not hit by this economic meltdown need to employ as many people as they are able which brings me back to Jack.

Back to Jack because I associate him with amazing drive and creativity and the NYPD is going to be challenged more than ever with these harsh cuts that are hitting NYC across the board with a few exceptions.