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Thursday, December 18, 2008

email to the mayor re: free financial advice, why not in community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm in the East Village? Columbia U?

Mayor: You are doing the free financial advising with NY Daily News and guess what -- this can be done, along with legal counseling, free computers, outreach for seniors to tutors and mentoring for kids, free computers for community including homeless if YOU DID WHAT I ASKED YOU ON THE JOHN GAMBLING SHOW which thank goodness is documented. I ask NYU directly, met with Alicia Hurley and I am telling you again. The East Village was mega dormed to death by NYU and every mega dorm and supersized student housing could open a store front community outreach resource center. College kids would walk by and know the community, small businesses, elderly are struggling and become aware and help.NY Law dorm on 3rd St. could give legal advice either with grad. students or even prof. stopping by and sitting, listening and directing people to find help.Mayor we are in an economic meltdown but the truth was we were always in crisis and resources, free and organized volunteers could be made available and for little cost if you get these universities like Columbia U. and NYU no. 1 to open their community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm and I would hope many of their students would want to help. A homeless person having access to a computer opens up their world. Some have started blogs to tell their stories, these centers would offer free computers like the libraries but could be open 7 days a week staffed by college kids that could receive perhaps college credit and prof. that want to help the community.I will continue to ask and I make youtubes about th