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Friday, November 28, 2008

Tenants rights! Please help out these people in Chinatown if you can, please make a difference

The 81 Bowery Tenants Have

A Right to Return!

Our demands:

1) Donald Lee, the landlord, immediately submit plans to the Department of Buildings that correct the safety violations and ensure the return of all tenants to 81 Bowery

2) The Department of Buildings only approve plans submitted by the landlord that ensure the return of all tenants to a safe and healthy home


On the evening of November 13th, the City evicted all of the tenants at 81 Bowery Street (an SRO building located in the heart of Chinatown) without notice-- citing safety issues that were the landlord's legal responsibility to correct. Over 50 people were forced out their homes, many of whom lived there for more than 20 years. It took SEVEN City agencies to properly vacate the building that night, and as of today NO agency has held the landlord responsible.

The Landlord wants you to believe that the tenants created the conditions for the vacate order, and that this eviction was the tenants' fault. Don't believe the LIES! What is ironic is that the tenants have been calling the City for YEARS to get the City to enforce its own housing codes. The City finally came to the building to inspect and deemed it uninhabitable. In reality, the tenants of 81 Bowery are punished for the landlord's failures to meet his legal obligation.

This is a clear example of the gentrification and displacement that is happening throughout Chinatown – more and more low-income residents are being forced out of their homes during a time when services throughout the City are being cut. SROs (Single Room Occupancy) are the most affordable housing that exists for low-income individuals. Losing them would mean more overcrowding in Chinatown and a loss of truly affordable housing that will not be replaced.

Join Us at 81 Bowery and support the tenants in their fight to return home:

Sunday, November 30th, 1-2pm

Sunday, December 7th, 1-2pm

**Wednesday, December 10th, 3-4pm**

** This will be a press conference and rally with elected officials, community leaders, and allies**

Sunday, December 14th, 1-2pm

--- And the last event of 2008—

Sunday, December 21st, 1-3pm

End of Year Gathering @ 1 Orchard Street, 2nd floor

For more information contact CAAAV's Chinatown Tenants Union at:

(212) 473-6485 or