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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beautiful sky East Village as a icky guy throws litter on the street

I was admiring the beautiful sky when I was forced to witness this creep guy toss a large empty cup in to the street before he walked in to the restaurant he probably owns along with the building....I picked up the cup and said, excuse me sir, the garbage can is over there, this is New York City and our streets are not your garbage can.  He took the paper cup and gave me a smile -- if it was his native country he might have done something worse but the same is true for here.   What a sexist world we live in and a woman daring to speak up is taking a risk...and that is globally true and other women are in on silencing women maybe out of jealous or other issues.

So gross and you can guess I won't be eating at his restaurant any time soon.   People think they are getting away with crap but people quietly protest and the USPS is one example -- people know do not openly complain to the USPS, just avoid them entirely and do not use the USPS if possible.  In this case I just would never eat in a place owned or run by a guy that confuses the street in front of his place as a garbage can.

So much for trying to enjoy the beautiful streets, old buildings, trees and stunning sky Lower East Side.