May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Laura" a murder mystery in NYC on Channel 13 9PM tonight!!!!

Yo!  You know I want "murderville (East Village)" made in to a film,  a modern  version of Laura with a very dark twist or two,  a murder mystery ghost story, really a metaphor for the destruction of "old" New York ... an activist is missing, she has been murdered, can't find her body but they are picking up intermittent signals from the gps on her iphone, even some ghost like images on Google Street View -- haunting images but they can't find her body, I can tell you the body is buried next door to where she lived, under what was St. Ann's Church, now the newest hideous NYU mega dorm.... Why can't they locate her body?    Is NYU in on it -- I mean they can't afford to have the 900 college kids crammed in to that hideous dorm vacated to dig up the base of that hideous dorm if she was buried there.  Who would want her dead?    Is it one person or a bunch of people?

Instead of a hunky Dana Andrews it's NYPD techno-cop whiz kid (my no. 1 choice Ryan Gosling but no working out and he has cultivated his inner nerd)  leading the investigation at least with the newest state of the art technology, billionaire Silicon Valley whiz kid retired at age 28 turned head of the techno-task force, salary $1 dollar like Mayor King Mike Bloomberg!!!!!!!!!   Even the billionaire mayor is a little in awe of this under 30 multi-billionaire head of the NYPD's techno task force...  (Murderville part 2 NYC -- I might make the techno-cop Mayor of NYC with a salary for a buck because of global crisis the people of NYC overwhelmingly vote for the techno-whiz kid as Mayor of New York but that is part 2!)

Isn't strange billionaires don't want to just stay home and enjoy their mega bucks?  Isn't it even stranger they want to come work for the City of New York for a buck?   Is she really dead or is her ghost giving the techno-cop with state of the art technology a run for his money and why would she do that?  Why would she want to impede the investigation?

Just my fictitious ramblings but it is symbolic...tune in to Channel 13 tonight....

ps    Also listen to West Side Story's music -- so New York in so many ways...always people trying to convince others they don't belong and I love the "Somewhere"  "I feel pretty"  "Maria" "One Hand One Heart",

pps  Dana Andrews was a super hottie in this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Laura was an old black and white murder mystery that takes place in New York....Dana Andrews does make one hot New York police detective!!!!!!!    

Middle classe, lower income, small businesses can't escape "adding to the City's Coffers", King Mike has his ways!

City wide -- we know the hots spots and if we have not fallen prey we are certainly witness the many ways the Bloomberg administration "weighs" heavy on the middle, low income and small businesses (all part of the push out) and excessive ticketing (of course unless you are the USPS, the USPS can't even break even running a business which costs the tax payers billions each year but Fed Ex and the UPS will get ticket because they do not have a "federal status to abuse.   Even with the USPS unfair edge and abusing their federal status (in more ways than parking) with parking they still can't touch Fed Ex and the UPS with customer service and that is why Fed Ex  in particular continues to be a winner in my book.  I ask people not to send me mail and visa versus and use Fed Ex as much as possible if I need to get something delivered.).

Bottom line -- bring a buddy to drive around and around or you will get a ticket -- Mayor King Mike Bloomberg, autocrat gets a special thrill taxing the middle, lower and mom and pop businesses and front page -- WOW!!!!! -- front page The New York Times points out ticketing has surged 42 percent.

Read the article and one in a blue moon the grey lady aka The New York Times busts their mega bucks friends front page AND TELLS THE TRUTH instead of "puff pieces".  Hallelujah

Robert Rubin earned 64.4 million dollars in 3 years at Citi Bank and he defends his role at Citi Bank

Robert Rubin is above it all, sorry, a nice guy I am sure but yup I do believe he is above it and he is front page today The Wall St. Journal defending his role at Citi Bank and he is not going to defend his pay check for 3 years work $64.4 million dollars.

Here is the link: and it makes me think "Ben and Jerry" the radical ice cream makers had a point about their politics -- salary ratio of the top person in the company versus the bottom...

(note -- at the above link bottom of the article, another gentleman, "Roberto Hernandez cashed out $737 million dollars worth of shares in Citi-bank mutual funds before the stock crash...")

Rubin won't be asked to defend that I am sure or much of anything as he makes his way to the White House again...

can't help thinking what I think about NYC's local politics -- hey Mike, hey socialite mega millionaire city planner, Amanda Burden--- that destroyed the East Village-Lower East Side and made it look like Dubai (now matter what phony baloney she has the press print about her dedication to keeping the integrity of the neighborhood which she personally delivered the final death blows to with St. Ann's, with Cooper Union's studio and science building, NY Law School on 3rd, the hideous sky piercing hotels and condos), how about opening your wallets that have enough money to fund a small country or two and do some rescue...DITTO ROBERT RUBIN, and a long list of mega wealth that seem impervious to the economic meltdown and ALSO INVISIBLE -- even the mega bucks entertainers who are in your face seem to be invisible on the radar of this new economy of mega wealth, many making their fortunes here and declaring anywhere else home when they have the biggest homes in the NYC.

Terrorists, take away their rhetoric, their actions say it all

Take away all the rhetoric and look at the actions, it is clear they just love killing and killing defenseless people, men, women and children all completely defenseless.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Rabbi Gavriel and Rachel Holtzberg special place in Heaven

Reading how they worked very hard to help people including those dealing with drug addiction and poverty.  I do believe there is a special place in Heaven for those who are selfless.  Of course like 9-11 you can see photos of heroism and goodness which clearly prevailed.

Heartbreaking news of loss continues...

The Wall St. Journal, a spiritual uplift read this article

Mubai more news more mourned

Reminds me of the chaos and confusion of 9-11 and the days and weeks following which is why I wanted the memorial to have order.

More very sad news and of course well wishes go out to families and all loved ones.

Also to all those front line doing brave work helping out.

Tenants rights! Please help out these people in Chinatown if you can, please make a difference

The 81 Bowery Tenants Have

A Right to Return!

Our demands:

1) Donald Lee, the landlord, immediately submit plans to the Department of Buildings that correct the safety violations and ensure the return of all tenants to 81 Bowery

2) The Department of Buildings only approve plans submitted by the landlord that ensure the return of all tenants to a safe and healthy home


On the evening of November 13th, the City evicted all of the tenants at 81 Bowery Street (an SRO building located in the heart of Chinatown) without notice-- citing safety issues that were the landlord's legal responsibility to correct. Over 50 people were forced out their homes, many of whom lived there for more than 20 years. It took SEVEN City agencies to properly vacate the building that night, and as of today NO agency has held the landlord responsible.

The Landlord wants you to believe that the tenants created the conditions for the vacate order, and that this eviction was the tenants' fault. Don't believe the LIES! What is ironic is that the tenants have been calling the City for YEARS to get the City to enforce its own housing codes. The City finally came to the building to inspect and deemed it uninhabitable. In reality, the tenants of 81 Bowery are punished for the landlord's failures to meet his legal obligation.

This is a clear example of the gentrification and displacement that is happening throughout Chinatown – more and more low-income residents are being forced out of their homes during a time when services throughout the City are being cut. SROs (Single Room Occupancy) are the most affordable housing that exists for low-income individuals. Losing them would mean more overcrowding in Chinatown and a loss of truly affordable housing that will not be replaced.

Join Us at 81 Bowery and support the tenants in their fight to return home:

Sunday, November 30th, 1-2pm

Sunday, December 7th, 1-2pm

**Wednesday, December 10th, 3-4pm**

** This will be a press conference and rally with elected officials, community leaders, and allies**

Sunday, December 14th, 1-2pm

--- And the last event of 2008—

Sunday, December 21st, 1-3pm

End of Year Gathering @ 1 Orchard Street, 2nd floor

For more information contact CAAAV's Chinatown Tenants Union at:

(212) 473-6485 or

Flower power more flowers

constant reminders of beautiful flower power


uprooted, diaspora, stranger in a strange land always the case have not unpacked yet belongings still scattered, still can't figure out if I hid the rings from myself, lost them or they were stolen, 
missing some "things" 
watch tragedies unfold
global tragedies remind myself things are material
so tired 

nerd is down with a bad cold.

I bought the hat on the street from the woman that knitted it -- I think her hats are 7 to 10 dollars.  My glasses are 40? percent thinner, my inner nerd is coming out my pores like this annoying cold that exhausts me more than the adrenal overload fatigue of living in NYC.   

Cyber bullying leads to yet another teen suicide, this case sets a precedent

My opinion is this "mom" is guilty of murder and should serve a life sentence behind bars with no computer access. 

At least the first steps have been taken to prosecute cyber bullies...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


have a cold and think tonight random thoughts, I must move again as soon as I am able either some where near central park maybe or out of new york city some where quiet 
think of all the people that volunteer and help out and today was a big day big volunteer day and a day of appreciation, giving thanks, gratitude

throat hurts, listening to a new biography on Andrew Jackson, happy to be home in NYC.


feel awful, think of 9-11 of course, same goal and focus mass murder as well as economic...anti-terror chief dead which shows you he was front line, reports on how brave the fire and police were are......waiting to read more tomorrow which means picking up the new york times.

I got it today and the front page piece on Russia was extremely well written and riveting although I never got to finish reading it.

I remember after Sept. 11, 14th Street on down was closed off and we stood in a long line at the newspaper stand by the black cube to get the new york times...seems like a 100 years ago.  

More people mourning loved ones...

stranger in a strange land

I thought the extra security might slow down travel so I left an hour for what would be 20 minutes and it took only 2o so I got on an early train and sat in a diner until the couple next to me made an intelligent funny comment I appreciated about it being like church on a high holy day when people show up you don't normally see...

so tired of being a stranger in a strange land but it has always been the case...

at least death is final and after death no can lay that trip on you at least if you are cremated...just my over exhausted weary thoughts but it is a beautiful day and I am going for a walk and I will listen to the trees sing, enjoy natures, smell the beautiful smells of nature's green, the best green, see loved ones.

attitude of gratitude and lots to be thankful for.

Woke up to beautiful flowers in my home!!!!! Don't need to escape

I brought in my hibiscus tree and it flowered over night flower power!!!!!!!! Have beautiful flower, flower power.

I brought the tree in because the powerful winds has knocked it over, you can see it is at angle and in NYC you can get rained on by cigerettes, lighters, etc. It isn't living here including for trees but what a beautiful gift, another beautiful flower, reminders of beautiful flower power, reminding one's self, remember.

Happy Thanksgiving, I love NYC oi vey ( my spelling of a Yiddish word means what a pain)

This morning I opened the window to let in the cool air and some exotic sounding bird was singing. Wish I could see the bird but the blinds are down and I don't feel like raising them just yet. In NYC the sounds of nature are like water in the desert.

I can't wait to be up in the country and to smell "green", the smell of nature, trees, grass...

Want to get on the subway, train to the country and never ever come back. There are so many amazing people I love adore admire a mosaic from bad boys to police officers, firemen to 311 operators I have never met who are so nice, parks dept. people that make our parks beautiful, news paper reporters I have never met, activists to homeless people to people that work in animal shelters, to volunteers, you name it a mosaic of New Yorkers but today I just want to escape NYC. I love NYC passionately and everyone who leaves told me they had to move back and if I leave I will have to return. They tell me to just go on vacation.

I love this city so much...Thanks to the Bloomberg Burden real estate developers gang including No. 1 NYU plus Columbia U., Cooper Union and a diverse group of developers with one thing in common greed and no caring for the community (despite public relations teams and charity aka tax deduction and a megalomaniacal ego massage, uber narcissist's high with uber denial) and how heavy they weigh on our old infrastructures--they don't care about the many ways the destroy, hurt, weigh heavy including the extra pressures -- crowding on a subway system rotting, leaking on rainy days and over crowded.... I have to add the USPS that sold the air rights to NYU over St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street in the mix of evil corrupt developers that endangered us because the USPS did not notify the State of New York as they were legally obligated as pointed out by Andrew Berman and the USPS felt they are federal so just like blocking a fire hydrant they are above the law and by the way this year the USPS will cost tax payers close to 3 billion dollars as oppose to last year which was 5 billion plus the USPS has the worst most frightening customer service in the United States of America so no wonder they cost the tax payers billions each year. It never occurred to you to get your mail it cost the tax payers billions because the USPS cannot even break even let alone run a profitable business so no wonder they were in a rush to sell air space over St. Ann's to the Evil Empire of the East Village NYU.

Even the evilest creeps (I wonder are they all evil -- I really think some of them are and as callous as they are evil) home grown and abroad can't destroy the dynamism of this city even thought they kid themselves they are justified.

Knee and a bone in my foot hurt big time. but just happy it is a beautiful day.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vier Minuten 4 minutes

Vier Minuten (2006)
Tagline:. The next German film sensation after The Lives of Others ... Four Minutes (International: English title) Nur für Mozart (Germany) (working title) ...

I rented this dvd and despite some hard parts to watch, 4 minutes moved me.  There are a lot of grey tones/disturbing tones, nothing black and white except pure talent...there is no escaping real talent, it comes out one's pores and there are some people on the planet that want to cultivate the gift and of course the envy-ers that want to destroy it, gee, I wonder why.

Yup, it hits on two big themes I talk about often -- how people suffering from envy and jealousy in denial about their own issues are very destructive to others aka scapegoating.  

This is a dark fictional tale but one woman you see in a flashback is clearly innocent and murdered by the Nazi's and the main character has suffered over and over and again the word innocent -- other people's twisted sickness are at fault but of course they are not stepping forward to take responsibility.   A dopey prison guard looks like Hitler.  The more I think about it the less I like the film but in the moment it moved me and the reason is raw talent --- it is a gift --- it is seems to survive and shine no matter how much people try to crush it.

4 minutes to be the truly dynamo with in...absorbed me and moved me.

Term limits, please sign this petition!!!!!!!

Yo, go here and sign pleaseeeeee, my name is under Penny Arcade's how cool!!!!!!!!!

The letter The New York eminent domain Times won't publish, can't help feel they "cover" for Amanda Burden, John Sexton & developers front page cover

Even before these economic crisis it seemed an obscene amount of money spent on a park that did not need renovations except for the public bathrooms especially when there are parks in poor neighbors that are in need.

Trees were uprooted and a fountain moved a few feet and flattened to discourage the live NYC spectacle of characters and better accommodate NYU students graduation. NYU is the no. 1 real estate magnate here and runs the community like it's private empire. It is wrong refuse the public access to a public park for a private institution's graduation and clearly Yankee Stadium is a better location to accomodate NYU's student body. The unwanted "improvements" cater to NYU and tourism at the expense of the people of this city in too many way and this continues to be one of the darkest criticism of the mayor and his city planner Amanda Burden constantly putting NYU before the community with St. Ann's tear down at 120 East 12th Street for yet another hideous NYU mega dorm as just one example of many on going battles with the community and NYU which I call the purple reign of terror. NYU parks there many buses and trolleys on Broadway and Lafayette Street so it is no surprise that many perceive this latest destruction called an improvement as the continued behind the scene dealings of Mayor Bloomberg and NYU.

Suzannah B. Troy

People's Firehourse, Brooklyn New York 11211

Very very cool activists
People's Firehouse 718 388-4696

"One unhappy "story"" Illegal floors face chop The New York Post

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bank bailout of a different kind, so proud of these New Yorkers including the dude that returned my book and the dudes that returned my iphone

sleepy tired but so proud of these New Yorkers even if there are from somewhere else they represent that best of New York.  This is a great story and true and makes me think of my special angels although one I had to track down to find my iphone.

ps  check out the comment on this article

Angel to the rescue

I said thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.  I have dropped my iphone twice, the first time a young Mexican guy got off his bicycle and helped me find my iphone because I just couldn't spot it on the street but he could.

This time I dropped a book.  The gentleman came up behind me and handed me the book.  He asked me if I realized I had dropped it.


I asked him if he looked at the title of the book? No.
It is on stress.

I thanked him and wished this anonymous stranger a Happy Thanksgiving.

When I read the front page piece in The New York Times about Charles Rangels corrupt wheelings and dealings I tugged at my fork and my salad with cheese exploded all over my chest and the floor.

The newest term is adrenal overload, even your brain can be too stressed out -- I am so tired of the feeling of a third degree -- raw burn in the back of my throat post 9-11 today I started aloe vera juice, ugh, apple cider vinegar a teaspoon in water before I eat -- ugh and a list of other all natural herbs and ugh, ugh ugh, with the goal to rest more...
maybe my hair will stop falling out and the very dark circles will look less dark under my eyes.

Maybe I will not carry so many things or just stop dropping them but thanks to the wonderful kind gentleman that followed me and handed me a book I am reading on helping my adrenals, my brain and my heart.

Thanks and gratitude with New York attitude,
Suzannah B. Troy

Front Page, front center Rangel's newest scandal, he gave "shelter" and got a million dollar donation in his very own name

It was front page and center but mysteriously not on The New York Times website --- but it is another example of Rangel telling the people one thing and his actions speak the opposite and it feels like corruption and as if we should hold him to a lower very low standard or should I say some how he is above it all -- very much above the law.

We have term limits for President and clearly we need term limits in senate, congress down to community boards where we don't even get to vote for the people supposedly representing us.

Rangel needs to resign asap but he won't he will continue as he has telling us what we are suppose to believe which are the opposite of the facts which have sent other people to face the music.   

Monday, November 24, 2008

Suzannah B. Troy, no water, blues & my two most viewed youtubes Mayor Bloomberg King of New York & Condom Bra

Mortgage crisis, financial meltdown, the USPS yearly billions of dollar drain on taxypers adding up to trillions of dollars in losses and mega billions of bailing out..... but daily thangs are a drain too. I love my cats and BARC dog shelter special people, dogs and cats.

Ladder 3 rushing to a call, I lived one block away from Ladder 3

My now ex-home of 20 years, the coop had old windows so you could hear everything and I could always hear Ladder 3's sirens.   I use to do night runs up Fifth Avenue (really miss those runs especially at Christmas with the huge 3 dimensional snowflake at 57th Street) and I would run down Third Avenue and past Ladder 3 and wave and go woo -- which meant I was home safe, thanks and gratitude.  This was all pre-9-11 and I remember a fireman saw me, I was with my Mom and her boyfriend who has since passed away and he remembered me from my runs and joined us for a drink.  So long ago...

I still get excited when I see Ladder 3 and I miss know they are not down the street.   It is so sad the mayor wants to shutter more firehouses even if it just over night as to what he did post 9-11 closing and selling them off.   Shuttering the firehouses over night just makes the neighborhood less safe in many different ways not just about fires, literally the streets are generally safer where there are open firehouses.

The mayor even wants to make a ghost homeless, Fire Patrolman Schwartz and sell off the stunningly beautiful and historic Fire Patrol house on 3rd Street in the West Village.

Tired and drained today as usual, New York, NY...

FDNY fire Lt. Ryan dies line of duty, old school FDNY

Old school FDNY are still around, they love their job and retirement is not an option.  They took "the test" before standards were lowered.  I am for women's rights and equal rights and I have run 2 NYC marathons, ex-basketball star and capt. of every team I played on, etc. but there is no way I would have gone for a job in the FDNY because I would have known I was taking a job from  guy stronger and fitter than I.  (My medical doctor is a woman and better than any male doctor and no tests were lowered to make it "more equal".)  I have met some awesome fireman that don't seem eager or confident to take the test to become an officer and  I as a woman if I was in the FDNY, I am sure I would have been pushed up the ranks if I was a good test taker which I am not.   

I remember before Sept. 11 when Capt. Drennan and his guys to the Express to Heaven, and the community had placed so many flowers outside the fire house.  I was doing my run (can't run anymore) and I stopped and bought flowers to add to so many out there.

Reading the news on this brave Lt. he was true grit, the real deal and what a beautiful family that is now mourning as the numbers of NYC firemen that have lost their lives in the line of duty continues to grow and they mayor is shuttering some of the firehouses he did not close post 9-11.   

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Washington Square Park, Dogperson YOUTube, my stream of consciousness and naked thoughts

Dear Readers: Please visit and also see the many videos that will tell you about Washington Square Park.

Highlighted is an older video of a woman protestor buck naked with her message written on her body.

I have told you I want to do this to protest NYC politics specifically the mayor down to the community board 3 supposedly representing the East Village, Lower East Side calling for more transparency but of course if I get naked and put a protest message on my body I am including my website     I would add words like "term limits" "democracy" vs cronyism corruption conflict of interests

I have told you I want to be the first woman and NUDE to climb The New York eminent domain Times building!!!!

Not to worry, I am joking, sort of and it is freezing and I want to get my body toned and primed like a canvas.
I am have never been arrested and prefer to keep it that way.

When you watch the video you can see how the fountain is used as a stage for protest and more and now that has been taken away from us.

p.s. I am a big fan of Jefferson Siegel and tee hee there he is in the youtube video along with so many others photographing this wonderful naked woman protesting.

The letter I wrote the times is scathing and I attack the mayor and the evil empire aka NYU so if they don't publish you know I will read the letter on youtube!!!!

+p.p.s. Just feel heart broken how much has been taken from us since mayor Bloomberg came to power and it has all been given to developers starting with NYU the evil empire of the East Village and I believe what was done to Washington Square Park is all part of NYU's purple reign of terror, more behind the scenes wheelings and dealing with the mayor which is why John Sexton ran down to testify that we need mayor King Bloomberg for a third term.

icky day but ends with a man telling me I am beautiful

This morning I found a partially smoked cigarette tossed where it should never have been and it made me think of Bobby Beddia, how tragic and it should never ever have happened.

Just very unhappy here and I want to leave but it is just not an option yet.

Walked Blackie and met a super sweet volunteer.  Love the dogs and all the good people that work at the dog shelter.

A slightly older man told me I was beautiful as we passed on the street.  I said thank you.  It was kind, non-threatening and he seemed sincere but I sure wasn't feeling beautiful -- not having beautiful feelings.

Washington Square Parks unwanted terrible renovations

I wrote a hard hitting letter to the nytimes and you know I get to the heart of  it, our community taking a back seat to the relationship of John Sexton, NYU with  the mayor and in St. Ann's case add Amanda Burden supposedly our city in way too many situations city wide...
let us see if I hear from the new york times...

Love Saves the Day is closing and Karen is looking for a new location to sell her treasures in the East Village

Finally it is a reality that "Love Saves the Day" is closing.  There had been rumors for so long and than it seemed like "magical saves" and the Love was here to stay but as of December Love the Day will no longer be an East Village establishment.

Karen is looking for a new place to sell her treasures "flea market items" from a dollar on up and remain in the East Village.    If you are willing to rent her some space please contact Karen either outside the store Friday thru Sunday or I will post her email address.  Just have to find it.

Mercy Chefs. Bowery next to hideous eye sore posing as a museum

This is a religious group but they are feeding homeless people and that is good.   You see people constantly feeding the homeless at Tompkins and during the holidays people pull up in cars and hand our local homeless people coats and food.

Just a reminder there all people of all different backgrounds,  24 hours a day 7 days a week helping each other out doing good whether is is organized or individuals.   In this city the rich donate money and buy good will but so many that have no money do good including homeless people helping homeless.

Homeless person in "womb" like sleeping bag next to dumpster

This morning walking by this dumpster my brain did not register the "green bag" next to the dumpster as "human" and than I realized it was a person in sleep mode.

It was heartbreaking. Most everyone who reads my blog/journal/knows it is my art and my art process is spontaneity, stream of consciousness so my mind went to this sad yet innovative person who found away to stay warm and almost invisible and may even have slept sounder than I. My hair continues to fall out, I feel ill and stressed from trauma I need to put behind me and heal and some stuff that feels like on going stress that makes it feel just hard to live here.   Seeing homeless people gives you perspective, their struggle is right out there to see.  Many feel safer out in the streets than in a shelter.  Very very sad and no easier answers.

We are a society of instant gratification but when it comes to solving society's problems they are no easy answers or quick solutions.

I thought of the NYPD and I just felt very sorry for them. New Yorkers have the highest standards and expectations for the NYPD me included. I know they are in for budgetary cuts and I want them to work with the media even more than they do to catch rapists, robbers, criminals with NY1, newspaper /all their websites and make their websites easier to search by "crime" and location. I have other thoughts but this morning I thought to myself I could never handle being a police officer.  It is just too tough, just to "witness" to see so much that society wishes to never see let alone police it.

Yesterday a young man with a tattoo on his face asked me for money and I just ignored him but I was happy a kind woman with an animal org. bag handed him money. Than she chatted with me and talked about how young he is and that the 5 dollars probably didn't help but I assured her that he would remember just the gesture, the kindness. It was freezing cold and he was not warmly dressed but her gesture was sincere and warm.

This morning I was so cold I was listening to music with earphones and singing out loud.  Singing made me feel warmer.  A woman runner with zero body fat passed me and I wished I could run but my knees are shot.  I think my singing attracted attention as a potential victim and a man came up behind me but as he did 2 guys came out of a door right by me and it made me feel very safe plus there is a small diner on the corner so I knew if I needed help there were resources. This guy gave me the creeps.   Rather than step in front of me and the guys he crossed the street and left me alone.

I just think we are in for tougher times and it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Feel very cold and blue this morning.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Female genocide the death toll continues

Page 12 The New York Daily News today states man went crazy and stabbed his wife to death.   
Xiomara Luciano Gil rest in peace.  I also feel very sorry for her son who foiled his father from leaving the scene.  "Son tackles Bx. dad who killed wife, say police."

Here in New York and globally it is my theory that death toll from females death by violence is exceedingly high.  Please google the words "female genocide".

I also believe there are red lights starting with verbal insults and undermining behavior that can escalate and it can be a woman, women, girls that join in and are equally guilty.  I don't have access to stats here in NYC, NY State, USA but so many of us know the feeling first hand.

They are many complex aspects to this and so much I want to say but I continue to feel extremely exhausted mentally and physically so this and a very rough attempt to read a poem about female genocide on youtube is all I can do for now.

Living in the East Village where I was blocks from where the compassionate beautiful soul Tina Negron was murdered at work as her brave friend courageously fought off her violent murderer or Adrienne Shelly a powerful film maker that wrote, directed and starred in "Waitress" a quirky film that is clearly a love letter to her little daughter who will know how deeply her Mother loved her but was robbed of her life by a cowardly murder who tried to make it look like suicide, the murderer tried to pin her own death  on a woman who loved life, loved her family and how ironic the film address abuse, a woman transcending male abuse, a woman freeing herself from a violent oppressive man.  Adrienne Shelly's film is a masterpiece, a life affirming loving unique film that deserved a special Oscar and should get one.

Adrienne Shelly did not know here murderer.  Remembering all these violent murders of beautiful young women all near where I lived for the last 25 years.  Tina Negron, Immette St. Guillen, and the underage  girl Jennifer Moore, that was murdered after leaving a  Chelsea club, I think she was raped also murdered thrown in a dumpster.

Just so drained, so drained and just see how women are treated -- constantly made invisible as a form of quiet hate, erased, non-validated to the worst kinds of murders.

Rest in Peace and again starting with baby victims to seniors there has to be a special special place in Heaven for you.

Karen's flashing head lights, East Village Love Saves the Day!

We shared a laugh on this freezing cold morning because Karen has these funny little head lights attached to her hat.  She was setting up the tables with treasures starting at a dollar on up in front of "Love Saves the Day".  

Jesse Jane unties her leash, Jim Mosaic Man Power's emotional seeing eye dog

Apple one on one including an Apple dog genius

For $99 dollars you meet with an Apple teacher and have a one hour one on one once a week, every week for a year.

APPLE the best customer service coolest features inspires "Murderville East Village"

At age 46 I converted to Apple tossing my Dell in the garbage, best techno-decision EVER and I wish I had tried Apple decades ago!!!!!!!!  Apple has the best customer service on the planet and the down side is once you step out of the store or hang up the phone be prepared for no other company to ever treat you as good!!!!!!

Apple has a new feature that is "haunting"  "Google street view" which is on a time delay and of course I want the Silicon Valley retired billionaire turned NYPD techno-whiz kid, head of the special techno task force to use these features to find out who murdered the heroine of "Muderville (East Village)" but her ghost is more powerful than his technology...I love this cop, he is paid a dollar a year and he is in love bigger and badder than the detective from "Laura" why would her ghost want to prevent him from solving the case...?  Maybe she has a far more effective way in mind to serve justice because it may not be just one person responsible for her African American  artist homeless man that lives on the street has the answers in his art plain to see on the street but the police don't see it...

Too bad Hugh Jackman isn't in his 20's.   Ryan Gosling will have to play the techno-whiz kid turned NYPD head of the techno-task force, I have to have Hugh Jackman so maybe I will make him the precinct's Deputy Inspector or a wild activist, tee hee.  The new James Bond flick on revenge "converted me to Daniel Craig" but I would want him to be less buff, more gritty NYC and I won't tell you who I imagine in the female lead, it has a major blush factor.

There will be an enormous -- gi-normous infrastructure break (not her ghost but a greedy tsunami of community crushing development), the biggest in NYC's history as well and some sizzling love scenes but are they real, imagined or just happening on a computer screen as part of this new cyber frontier that allows us to "see" the streets of NYC and ourselves in new found ways or unpleasant -- it is up to the viewer to decide or is it?

Murderville is a metaphor for other "thangs" "old New York" "soul New York".

Apple is my muse....

East Village rifle in arm off to "celebrate" George Washington's retreat Fort Lee he told me I asked him what was he dressed up for, he asked me also

My long term friends know I don't like the feeling when in a relationship it feels like "my friend" is the British Empire and I am the Colonies and here I bumped in to this East Villager, rifle in hand on his way to celebrate George Washington's retreat...

"oi vey"

I asked him about the way he was dressed and he asked me the same question....

I had to laugh -- this is the Village and look at my outfit!!!!!!!!!!

Gov. Paterson return the rugs, get a refund and sublet the exec. mansion

Gov. Paterson must have been out to lunch spending the tax payers money for almost $40,000 in rugs for the executive mansion....the budgetary crisis is so bad he needs to think about subletting the mansion.

2 bad greens green with envy green with greed

Sad but there are two bad greens -- green with envy and green with greed
the first -- the person with the black hole in their soul picks an object to envy substitutes envy with hate to distract from their own self hate
they hate and wish to annihilate,
violent green monster pretends this is not so and must blame the victim,
some how it is her fault.

-- the green eyed monster of envy,
secretly they think the grass is greener,
secretly they are very very jealous,
jealousy and anger are problematic so they must scapegoat,
but nothing will make them happier,
refuse to be honest with themselves so exchange like dollars to euros their self hate onto the innocent,
narcissist green monster, any image mirroring a visage that doesn't reflect what they want to see as opposed to illusion they need
makes the green monster the me monster the mean monster
destroyer in denial
leads to the other green monster greed,

greed -- they fill the black hole in their soul with money, drugs, fame ( a very special drug) , live barbie and ken dolls but is just makes the hole worse

natures green is the best green

Friday, November 21, 2008

Attempted Rape Lower East Side Norfolk Street Nov. 20

"help us find out the details-

Bad news-- At this point I have not been able to verify the details- but these are general facts. in the early morning hours of thursday November 20th, one of the elderly Chinese ladies who collects bottles on the street had a young Hispanic male in his 20's- short goatee- attempt to rape her on Norfolk street behind PS 20. The woman started to scream which alerted another person who happened to be on this extremely dark and dangerous street. He scared the attacker away. Apparently we may have a serial rapist in this community."

This is part of an email sent to me. If you know anything please contact the NYPD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 7th Precinct's telephone no is (212) 477-7311

Thank you!
You can also submit information to crime stoppers via the internet --- here is the link...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

GVSP receives a $13,000 grant which is extra important in this economic crisis

Preserve NY Grant for East Village Preservation: Today GVSHP received a $13,000 grant from Preserve New York, a grant program of the Preservation League of NY State and the NY State Council on the Arts, for our East Village Preservation Project. The grant will allow GVSHP to complete research and documentation of the history of approximately 2,400 buildings in a 75-block area between 14th Street and Houston Street, Fourth Avenue/the Bowery and Avenue D. GVSHP will then use this information to propose landmark protections for the area. All the information generated by this research will also be made available to the public through our website and through a published report about the history of the East Village made possible by the grant.

GVSHP is incredibly grateful to the Preserve NY program, which funded similar successful efforts by GVSHP to document and advocate for the preservation of Federal-era (1790-1835) houses in Lower Manhattan, the Meatpacking District, and the South Village.   

An excerpt from Andrew Berman's email and you can go to to learn more...

If you are conservative or have an inner prude, respect your inner prude and don't read

As I mentioned on

Superb sex is like a great conversation you don't want to end.

I do feel America is modern but when it comes to women very sexist, terrible double standards and despite the fact American's are bombarded with sex to sell everything from automobiles to just about "everything" yet there seems to be so much "sex negativity" permeating culture especially anti-female. 

Women are judged far more harshly than men and that includes by other women.

There is way too much sex-negativity and not enough sex positivity.   (When there is mutual respect)  It is a fact, sex is good for your health, heart, skin mental health, all around good for you.

p.s.  If you do not speak, converse or other wise communicate with kindness, respect and a willingness to respect boundaries clearly there is no point in any conversation.

City Cutting child care centers -- HEARTBREAKING

Too sad to even think about.

Do not close community centers and we need more which is why any real estate magnate posing as higher ed. that mega dormed and did mass expansion needs to give NYC community outreach resource center in every mega student housing and YES 1) NYU 2)Columbia U. 3) Cooper Union and 4) NY Law dorm on 3rd Street

City Cutting child care centers -- HEARTBREAKING

Too sad to even think about.

The New York times, Salons as a starting point to root out domestic violence

The New York Post? Hugh Jackman sexist man alive?

my head is aching, I have throat burn, I feel like I am dieing and I believe exercise is a great stress reliever and so is that photo of Hugh. I do believe he is sexy and real -- a real guy not a big phony self involved ken doll.

He is a super hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The photo does make me feel a little warmer and a better....
Thank "Hugh"

Email to the mayor about 400 dollar rebate & my youtube

400 property tax rebate
Dear Mayor, I voted for you twice and I won't again but I have a suggestion.

You gave lavishly in terms of "slush" to city council, some I gather that are now sueing...why because this is a huge popular rebate and they want their third term.

So what you need to do is a special sliding scale in terms of the neediest -- an emergency address -- home owners that can prove they need that money desperately for thanksgiving diner, Con Ed bills such be given the rebate and anybody that falls in a middle and up range should be excluded...
that is unless you want to personally donate out of your own billionaire earnings from last year. You and other mega millionaires like our city planner Amanda Burden so so many others could chip in to fill the 250 million dollar budget gap for this rebate.

The Wall St. Journal, front page, "Before the Bust, these CEO's took money off the table

I am rushing and exhausted --- the people closes to me know what I have been through so startling that I had to move under duress and like so many others for many reasons I feel more --

so here is a link from another site, easier to find than the WSJ itself, how ironic,

starts out
credit bubble burst, US investors have lost 9 TRILLION dollars since it's peak last year....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a sicko rates my youtube on female genocide poor, I am talking about a death toll of females here in NYC and globally, just proves my point!

You know "character actors" submerge themselves, I am not an actor and I have the courage to speak up.  My name Suzannah B. Troy ARTIST,   (exhausted artist) it is on every cyber box I stand up on, my name and face. 

 I didn't even get to include Imette St. Guillen or Jennifer Moore.  I went to the 9th Precinct Community meeting to talk in person, my name, my face, that is how strongly I feel on this issue and I made a youtube which ironically doesn't mention their names but talks about women some young girls that no longer grace New York City because they died too young and they were murdered.  I wish I could have mentioned NixMary may she rest in PEACE in a special special place in Heaven so I don't care if you don't like my production, sloppy value but when I talk about young people's senseless murders to the best of my exhausted abilities -- I ask you how sick is it that a creepo, an anonymous one gives me a one star rating.   Just proves my points and it ain't just male violence murdering females and their is a global crisis "female genocide".

Imette St. Guillen
Jennifer Moore

Naidarre Walters

 Below is the text that went with my youtube video -- and I don't think it is my best and I do think I could read the poem better and add more young women's and girl's names here in NYC but this is the best I could do for now and at least I dared to think about it and talk about it.

My theory is more women, girls, females die, death by violence than death from breast cancer, a female genocide and I remember Keyanna Jones, Sabrina Matthews, Tina Negron, Adrienne Shelly and so many if not all females have been a victim of violent words and it may also be from other females but it seems words can be red lights, a warning of more violence and even murder.

I wrote this poem and this is video the abridged version.
I had a very hard time this video

Here is the unabridged version

I had such a hard time with this youtube and I left out so many names of women like Imette St. Guillen. I also feel we don't have a democracy and I censored myself which greatly upset me plus on going exhaustion...all related...

rent the dvd Waitress and note there is a violent abusive male in the film but the story transcends abuse and focuses on the optimism and love.

Google female genocide -- it is a vast topic globally

I am exhausted and just thinking about this topic drains me and reliving my own bad experiences as well....

PBS, American Indian youth poetry

Why would I highlight American Indian youngsters, (I am 46) poetry -- their voices -- why?

It is a no brainer.   

To the "real East Villagers, to real New Yorkers, to the Native inhabitants before explorers, conquerors and immigrants landed.   I have an intense love for American art, culture and my home and even my body are adorned with their beautiful art.

Tompkins gets an endowment, kids stop by to admire the greenery

Wow!!!!!!!   Talk about rich in green -- so I had to tease Mike!  I thought we had a budgetary crisis but apparently this was a private donation and we are blessed.  The beautiful children from the neighborhood happen to stop by, say hi and ask if any of the trees had "food" because they were hungry!  No apples here...sorry.  Beautiful magical moments and we love our parks dept.

City Wide Rally Fair Rent Now!

This flyer was handed to me but an older woman -- I am 46 -- she is older but extra young in energy and a community activist supreme passing these out and asking local stores to place in their windows.

Housing Here and Now Rally Tues. Dec. 9 6:30-8:30 PM

Society for Ethical Culture 2 West 64th Street at Central Park West
1 to 66th St, a, b, c, d to Columbus Circle

Spanish translation provided
Childcare provided

Dear Readers of my blog: I am an owner but I promise you owners have horror stories as well.

Ground breaking news NYU thwarted in one mega tear down supersize move of oh, so many

Dear friend:
Today the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) voted to designate the I.M. Pei-designed Silver Towers complex, including its landscaping and Picasso sculpture, "Portrait of Sylvette," a New York City landmark. The designation culminates a five-year campaign by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) for landmark designation and to preserve the complex.

GVSHP first proposed the modernist complex for landmark designation in 2003, and worked closely with residents of the complex, elected officials, and preservation organizations on advancing the landmarking proposal. NYU owns the land under the complex and two of the three towers (the third is a moderate-income housing complex for neighborhood residents NYU was required to build), and initially strongly opposed landmark designation. When the LPC decided to hold a hearing on the proposed designation, the university changed its position, saying it supported landmark designation but wished to build a 40-story tower on the soon-to-be-landmarked open space north of the Picasso sculpture, which would have blocked the public view of the art work. GVSHP and other supporters of landmark designation adamantly opposed the NYU 40-story tower plan, saying it violated the entire notion of landmarking the complex, and urged the LPC to protect the open space as part of its designation. The LPC's designation report, approved at today's meeting, acknowledges the importance of the open space as integral to the design, thus making their required approval of construction of a tower on this site by the LPC in the future seem highly unlikely.

Today's vote to landmark Silver Towers complex is groundbreaking; Silver Towers is the first post-war urban renewal superblock development in New York City to be landmarked. While such urban renewal projects rarely receive high marks for design, Silver Towers is considered a watershed moment for one of the late 20th century's most respected and influential architects. The design won awards from the American Institute of Architects and the City Club, was dubbed "one of ten buildings that climax an era" by Fortune Magazine, and was cited as a basis for which Pei received the 1983 Pritzker Prize -- the most prestigious award for architects -- for his body of work up to that time. Landmarking Silver Towers not only helps preserve an eminently livable place and honors a great work of architecture, but it also acknowledges the importance of our city's past efforts to create affordable housing and public art. See coverage of today's vote in Crains NY, the NY Times, The Real Deal, and the NY Post.

The LPC also voted today to landmark the former Baumann Bros. store (now the New School) at 22-26 East 14th Street and 144 West 14th Street, now Pratt Institutute's Manhattan campus. GVSHP strongly supported designation of the Baumann Bros. Store and the Pratt Institute Building, testifying and rallying public support for the proposed designations.

GVSHP wishes to extend its gratitude to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for today's votes, and to all of the elected officials, residents and fellow preservation organizations who worked so hard with us on these efforts.


Andrew Berman, Executive Director
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

To join GVSHP or support our preservation efforts, go to

The New York Daily News has video footage of the mugger that preys on women

click here and look to your left for video.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Talk on the street today Mayor won't will 3rd term, slushy city council betrays maybe we can vote them out too!

NYU unmarked student housing and the van in front from the homeless shelter, how ironic, plus the "no loitering" signs NYU's message

No ubiquitous purple flag for the East Village's very own evil empire, NYU,  here on the Bowery, just no loitering signs. When I asked for community outreach resource centers I inquired about why the imperial purple flag does not proudly fly and the dude they lease this building from they told me said "no flag" but apparently he doesn't mind the no loitering signs!!!!!

So many homeless shelters around -- how inconvenient for the luxury hotels and college kids mega and not mega but darn large student housing --- ho hum NYU mega dormed the East Village to death....

Streets in NYC where better in Colonial Times

The last big water main (infrastructure break) in the West Village -- it was reported the pipe was from before the Civil War so it is a testament to how well made and layed this pipe was that it last so long.  I am showing you a side street, Elizabeth and Houston, Bloomberg's new hideous New York where he pushed this tsunami of development rather than infrastructure improvements and expansion first hence so many infrastructure breaks and problems and messy messy expansion.

Beautiful sky East Village as a icky guy throws litter on the street

I was admiring the beautiful sky when I was forced to witness this creep guy toss a large empty cup in to the street before he walked in to the restaurant he probably owns along with the building....I picked up the cup and said, excuse me sir, the garbage can is over there, this is New York City and our streets are not your garbage can.  He took the paper cup and gave me a smile -- if it was his native country he might have done something worse but the same is true for here.   What a sexist world we live in and a woman daring to speak up is taking a risk...and that is globally true and other women are in on silencing women maybe out of jealous or other issues.

So gross and you can guess I won't be eating at his restaurant any time soon.   People think they are getting away with crap but people quietly protest and the USPS is one example -- people know do not openly complain to the USPS, just avoid them entirely and do not use the USPS if possible.  In this case I just would never eat in a place owned or run by a guy that confuses the street in front of his place as a garbage can.

So much for trying to enjoy the beautiful streets, old buildings, trees and stunning sky Lower East Side.

NYPD visits Scarano "finger building" in Brooklyn and I show you Scarano finger building in the Bowery wishing the NYPD would raid it!

Brooklyn,  3 NYPD vehicles -- visit the "finger building",  Scarano's message to the community intrinsic in his architecture.   Was there an unwelcome visitor or was my wish finally coming true the NYPD will finally start arresting developers and architects for bad architecture as well as zone busting....?  Can we have drug testing for architects?   All these mirrored building make ya wonder and in this case anti-depressants because this hideous zone buster on the Bowery looks like a prison.... much for allowing architects to self-certify....
wishful wonderings of an artist....

Hello 9th Precinct, spaceships have landed on the Bowery please ticket and tow them....
the Cooper Square building and the hideous ugly fractured aquarium Cooper Studio building

Tourist bus & empty NYU trolley Mayor Bloomberg's priority over the people of this great city

To your left a tourist bus and to your right an empty NYU trolley for John the church murder (St. Ann's 120 East 12th Street) Sexton's continued expansion of the evil empire NYU at the community's expense.   This photo sums up the mayor's priority and it ain't the people of this city but tourism and real estate starting with NYU the no. 1 real estate magnate with the deepest pockets and the most powerful connections.

John Sexton ran down to testify for Mayor Bloomberg saying Mayor King Mike should have that  3rd term because 
NYU is the no. 1 real estate magnate and Bloomberg is the real estate mayor.   The next mayor if it ain't Mike will not cater to NYU's destruction push out for college kids over the people of this city.

I always said John Sexton, Mayor Bloomberg and Amanda Burden our socialite mega millionaire city planner have done everything but provide NYU buses trolley and trains to move us out for NYU students housing and NYU's continued expansion.

Ditto:  Columbia U.  No. 3 real estate magnate

Ditto:  Cooper Union

Not to profit which makes it more obscene real estate magnates posing as high ed.  nice.........

We are an inconvenient existence, we are an inconvenient truth....

Predator attacks elderly and Asian women take a look and see if you can help catch this predator

all kinds of predators amongst us, some kid themselves it ain't them, others know and they want to spread the hate because their self hate is too much

I am going to post the link to the rapist the NYPD has yet to capture but I am confident they will catch they predator but I just want to add their are all kinds of predators (large and small - some are like "emotional shop lifters" stealing what they know they shouldn't take and they kid themselves they are not predators and blaming the victim gives them relief, they are not going to commit rape but they will violate in some small way that gives them a thrill and a release -- like a mini-vacation from the "black hole in their soul"  and maybe they are so severely lonely, unfilled dreams, a strange kind of "me monster", maybe they are drug addicts that have given up the drugs but haven't filled the "black hole in the soul" so they have to hurt people -- that is their drug and imagine somehow they are the wounded ones, uber-narcissists running around yelling "you are a narcissist!" as if it relieves them of what they don't want to know about themselves just like the murder of the kind soul delivering food to a woman in the projects blown away, as if murdering a good soul gives a bad soul some relief from terrible self hatred, kill one good person and in some strange way it gives temporarily relief to the dark shame hidden just below the surface if not below the surface at all...

All along the food chain you see it in all shapes and form and it can be a group, male or female gangs that convince themselves it is okay to "prey" just like the shoplifter -- it is somehow justified when it is not....

Also, terrible jealousy, there are girls that admitted hurting other girls because they were jealous and they grow up with that nagging empty feeling, suffering from "the grass is greener" so jealous,  harming another gives that jealousy some relief but it doesn't really does it...

Abusers will do their best to try and convince you it is "you" when it is them...they are guilty.  Again blame gives them some temporary relief...

the predator that won't draw blood but does "the creepy" because it is like a back ward form or intimacy, like picking fights gives some drama in an empty life...go to the library read a book rather than harass someone...

from a gang, group mentality that scape goats and than justifies murder some how when again there is no justification but the murder gave them some temporary relief,  to a lonely old couple in a dead marriage in a modern world with longevity comes a lot of self hatred that seems to much to bear and spreading the hurt and  hate, hurting others in large ways and small ways including blaming them seems to give predators "some temporary relief" like an aspirin for a migraine headache.  

Monday, November 17, 2008

Waldorf hero gets B'klyn cheer, He loves his wife & kids, neighbors proud

This has to be my favorite story of the day and especially with the photo of the beautiful family and the stunningly little boy's face in the left hand corner; he's wearing a little bow tie.  I love the part of the story about how this little boy, an extended family member they took in and this rejuvenated the retired cop; the older man and the little boy spending time on the playing field...the quotes on the two are very moving as is the fact, retired detective Gregory Boyle when he was shot, he said to tell his wife he loves her.

I love this piece.  It is non-fiction and far more moving than anything on the idiot box aka tv or in the movies right now.

I also love how proud his neighbors are of him.  I love the photo and they are a beautiful family.

Sometimes I am in awe of the NYPD

WOW! The rescue part is pretty mind blowing as are the photos themselves.

I know there are very, very brave men and women that do mega-gutsy work from the bomb squad to undercover work to just having to deal with public...(just my terrible sense of humor but I could not have a job dealing with the public AND CARRY A GUN, especially New Yorkers, we are demanding folks.)

Although one bad apple can really hurt big time, it is also sad that good cops are human and they do make mistakes, I really believe that lt. that took his own life was a good person who made a mistake. I wish the division that tickets people would cool it and let the mayor find another way to raise money for the city but to have less than 37,000 people policing over 8 million people from the most diverse cultures from all over the world where so many different languages are spoken, etc.... for the most part I have to say that has to be a very hard job and the people that get it right deserve a very special place in Heaven.

She warned DOB about the cranes, The NY Daily News

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My friend Hal on the front page of The New York Times real estate section!

Hal looks great and how is "sign" is poignant --- tells it all as so many of us has had it and making the move out of our neighborhoods to other parts of New York City that don't feel like NYU-ville and Times Square, at least not yet.

He is also makes wild music and political and been written up in New York magazine for his bicycle repair prowess.

Hal rocks!!!!!!!   Just a great New Yorker and all around person.
The New York Times reporter got it so right -- he got Hal!

His band is Kilofax

Mike Lytle retiring (got the itunes links) hard working gardener & a real jazz musician, hear him and his fellow musicians on itunes

Check out the cool album covers too, you just never know about New Yorkers, multi-talented and all such creative souls!!!!!!!

new James Bond movie

Since I announced macho men are in and metrosexual dudes are out, I went to see the new James Bond movie and my first experience with this actor as Bond...he is sizzling and because he is not pretty and lacks the perfect air brushed air, but  imperfectly rugged and yummy with stunning eyes....Daniel Craig is a super hottie in a very real human way.

I did get a little bored and check some "thangs" on my iphone but I enjoyed the movie far more than I imagined and would have even more if the went with more "human relations" vs action but wow, this actor is just in great shape and I felt myself wanting to just consume him -- at least for a couple of hours.   Fun and lots of very athletic physical stunts, beautiful women that are not light weight air heads and issues concerning revenge.

I asked for a small popcorn this time which was way too big...the human stomach is the size of a fist...inhaled most of the popcorn during the 15 minutes of coming attractions.

Just grateful to be able to go to a movie and saw my friend Kenny who works there and always greets me with a warm sincere smile.

Pucci House a collaged art work on homelessness inspired by Jim Power, Jim may also have yelled at me to make art

Health's Angels, the antioxidant superpower, Lower East Side

Hunter Thompson's book, Thomas  Wolfe's inspiration (although it was pretty terrible-as seen in the documentary on Thompson narrated by Johnny Depp), Jack Nicholson's movie -- the one he made before "Easyrider", the list goes on and on -- the arts, literature and fashion  inspired by this infamous group and here on the Lower East Side the latest is this advertisement pushing a health drink...

One of my favorite songs from the Broadway show "Hair"  Frank Mills which is a funny love song  clearly about  NYC and it's characters.  This funny young woman is in love with Frank Mills who wears a white crash helmet, gold chains on his leather jacket on the back it says, Mary, Mom and Hell's Angels.   

The Hell's Angels are infamous but also iconic, globally.

St. Marks Place, EastVillage

the metrosexual male is out, macho man back in vogue

With the economic downturn comes a rise in crime, just reading about the brazen  attempted robbery at the Waldorf, walking down the streets and seeing broken glass from car windows, I can tell you the metrosexual male is no longer in vogue.

Wake up so tired longing to be anywhere other than the city as usual...this morning I past so many macho men including an elite unit of the FDNY, unshaven returning from a call, looking smoking...

Stress really affects individuals differently, for me testosterone is just exciting and reassuring...

Put on your safety belts more budget cuts to come....I guess the only way to get through is creativity, optimism and a sense of humor.

Not a fun thing to read about but I really like Mike Daly's piece which lucky for me I read in the newspaper I bought at the store up the street, helping the economy and I can't share the link because I can't navigate the nydailynews website search engine.  Good luck.

Documentary trailer on youtube Jim Mosaic Man Power

The above is a short trailer for a documentary being made on Jim and it is fantastic!!!!!!  You get some insight into our neighborhood way back when....not as far back as when my Grandfather lived sigh, enjoy and I can't wait to see the film.  Sometimes Jim is just too much for me but sometimes I get really emotional thinking of how prolific he is, high quality his art consistently is and mostly made under the most dire circumstances and of course I love *Ms. Jesse Jane the magical emotional seeing eye dog.   *Jesse Jane is also the name of a young very beautiful porn star not to be confused with our 4 legged local hero Jesse

This is another East Village stand out youtube with this high energy guy that will tell you all about our neighborhood and of course Jim Power and Jesse Jane our featured!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

happy thoughts East Village tonight, call the police it feels criminal!

Before I went home way too early in the evening (city seems too crowded Friday and Saturday) I had a yummy dinner,  good Italian wine and one of the owner's of my favorite place treated me so it doesn't get sigh,

I saw a police officer that made me laugh or maybe I made myself laugh saying hello in my unique way.     I don't know the laws, I figure criminals, police and lawyers all know the law but I didn't get arrested and I  had some fun like it was the old Village I loved.   

I was tranformed from unhappy grumpy cranky tired New Yorker to happy tired New Yorker.

I am confident I will be unhappy, cranky, tired and miserable again tomorrow morning!

Good night!

Cooper at it again on our old infrastructure

I am at the end of the interview on the video footage from New York 1 but my point is the mayor and his city planner pushed a tsunami of construction -- way too fast on our old infrastructure, the photo today shows huge heavy equipment -- which you can't get the feel of from my iphone camera to the massive construction, heavy cranes that just rock, crack and shake NYC's old infrastructure....I have huge concerns for the subway system where all this supersized mega domination by NYU and Cooper Union with Cooper Union's next goal to tear down the little yellow Science building and supersize right by a subway that leaks...
Today for people living or visiting New York City -- note how the streets look like Venice Italy, massive flooding and the subways are rotted and leak but instead of safety and infrastructure first the mayor and Amanda Burden forced an unsafe reckless community crushed development on this great city destroying what was left of it's soul and now it looks like Dubai and is one big generic shopping mall and student dormitory...welcome to the New hideous New York.

I have lived here longer than anywhere else in my life, only 25 years and I long to leave but it is easier said than done for so many reasons and so many people tell me they tried leaving only to return.

Walking around I saw so many friendly faces that remember me -- even an old Daddy guy that used to play some full court basketball with me on West 4th Street -- I don't recognize the neighborhood which changes daily with new stores replacing the Mom and Pop businesses and the most hideous buildings ever built in NYC's history.   I know in every era people felt that way but truly this has to be the most hideous ulgy buildings ever.

an Old School that needs to become a new school, a library, and other East Village musings

So proud I had a letter, the letter of the week in The Village Voice "Carbon Copy" on saving this stunning building....if more is not done to preserve the East Village, Lower East Side and Bowery, you will have to visit a recreation in a museum or Las Vegas. 
It is so sad because we need more room and more schools for the city's kids and this building is crying out to be saved and returned to it's original use adding a community center and maybe a theatre encouraging technology and creativity...just my musings....

The only thing that has changed for me since I wrote that letter is I do agree with the developer about Mike Rosen also a developer who lives next door and doesn't want the this stunning building torn down and a building like  Red Square with Lenin on top a gift from Rosen to the neighborhood...  How ironic that Rosen fights development yet he lives on top of a stunning building the Christa Dora that was a welfare building and is the first symbol of gentrification and in theory the building where he has a duplex or triplex owes the neighborhood a community facility because it was a welfare building.    How typical Lenin fan living way high above the people, yes what a view to give the people Rosen's input on the zoning...a mini-Mike Bloomberg and I prefer Bloomberg and we all know I will not vote for Bloomberg ever again but still at least Bloomberg is clear about what he is and that is a business man and he made his billion's on his own not through marriage, inheriting etc.   But if I knew what Bloomberg and Burden (like Rosen, Amanda socialite mega millionaire Burden had a front page puff piece in The New York Times, carefully crafted leaving  out things like the Lenin sculpture, etc. so it pays to have friends in The New York Times) has planned which was to make the Lower East Side look like a bad xerox of Dubai and NYU-Ville Cooper Union sci-fi dubai than I would never have voted for Bloomberg.

I find myself returning over and over to my stomping grounds of the last 25 years  except my old home of  20 years which I contributed hugely in so many ways but now it "almost an NYU dorm" next to the most hideous NYU dorm, really more an abomination than a dorm.  

I do find myself wishing I could leave -- as much I am pulled here and it is where I lived the majority of my life I long to leave but just don't know where to move but I long for somewhere quiet.

Library as safe haven, free resource so I went to town and picked up some books and I walked by Anthony Weiner, a protestor and visited Michael's favorite thrift shop. Also past Michael's favorite eatery which I didn't like of course. I do think of him although he was so gifted we clashed but I thought of him today and the thrift shop were I got the coolest coat he encouraged me to try on and I was sure was too small. Life is short and painful so you have to treasure the loving magical moments. His photos are testament to that.


wake up exhausted

questions on replacement for Mike the Gardener

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns for Mike and our parks dept.workers and of course the park!!!!

We are in the midst of a budgetary crisis so I don't think there will be a replacement anytime soon and of course the concerns in terms of "green issues" or lack there of, may amount to "lay-offs" so if you haven't already you may want to email the parks dept commissioner and praise our hard working people that contribute to the beauty of Tompkins!

Thanks for your caring and that is when the EastVillage is a truly a village rather than NYU-Ville dorm fodder or some "strain" of facists that spend their free time deciding who is and isn't a real east villager.

My thoughts always return to the American Indians. One of our locals and he is a senior got his lease renewed so he is safe for now from eviction and he is very excited about joining a tribal dance.

He told me he will see me in the circle.