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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

USPS is at a lo$$, The New York Post page 2, Aug. 26, 2008, estimated 2 billion dollars in losses and I am not surprised at all

The New York Post reports the USPS might lose as much as 2 billion dollars this year....


Besides the illegal air sale over St. Ann's to NYU which may but the entire area in harms way because environmental and infrastructure concerns, the community's best interests were never examined because the State of NY was not notified as required by law and why because just like the USPS blocking the fire hydrant in front of my ex-home of 20 years --there attitude was "we are federal -- we are above the laws" , they would laugh and say let the NYPD ticket and tow us!

The USPS  laughed all the way to the bank (+along with  developers, NYU and the city-- I saw their lawyers who was so arrogant and confident they would win the community's law suit against the air sale)  on their multi-million dollar sale over St. Ann's and in my opinion they is a long list of what feels like abuse of federal status I could write but the loss in business speaks volumes.   

I try to avoid using the USPS as much as possible because it feels to me they abused their Federal status big time "close to home" and that would be an understatement.  I am not surprised they estimate to lose 2 billion dollars this year but I don't believe it has to do with poor economic climate but they fact they cannot compete with other services and they continue to alienate the public.  

Do the tax payers have to absorb the 2 billion dollars in losses?