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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rolls royce dealership comes to the Bowery! Humor, earthquakes & other thoughts on NYC's destruction

Yo, I am joking about the Rolls Royce dealership coming to the Bowery and besides it is a Bentley (or maybe it is a RR) convertible!!!   I am getting one solar power, electric and powered by body heat!!!!! Yowza!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was bicycling -- powered by body heat and I passed the sweet smell of green, an abandoned lot with immense luscious greenery and it felt like high powered air conditioning, the kind that blasts you when you walk past the hideous eye sore aka NYU's student center on Washington Square Park.  If they wanted to improve the park rather than move the fountain a few feet for millions of dollars how about removing the Bobst Library and the hideous ugly student center.

As I smelled the delicious green smell and felt the luscious coolness, I thought all this supersizing, this tsunami city wide has eaten up Mother Earth and it is  more concrete than ever.   I remembered feeling my sublet apt. no. 2 shake and it wasn't from sizzling hot sex but from a small earth quake...yep, a long time ago, circa 23? can't remember exactly but I feel we have jeopardized our safety in so many ways that it will bring massive infrastructure break or something calamitous in terms of coping with what every Mother Nature gives us far worse because of this greedy tsuanmi on an old infrastructure and recklessness eating up green, the kind we need desperately, Mother Earth green.