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Friday, August 22, 2008

The mayor's other NYC, the theory is the construction trucks to supersize as well as the construction do damage

Look to your far left and you get a glimpse of another sliver building that is supersizing an old street with the dance of the cranes and the belief is the construction trucks as well as the construction caused this damage to these old streets.

This is a common feeling city wide that our infrastructure and our safety is not first or even on the top ten list of the mayor but rather he and the city planner also a mega millionaire are pushing their mega bucks friends development first and that is the only priority.

I know from first hand conversations with the likes of Cooper Union that they do not believe their massive construction had anything to do with the medium size water main break that made it seem like the East River came to 2nd Avenue one block from there construction but the majority of us city wide feel too much, too fast and the huge trucks on old streets like this along with the supersizing of old New York cause more problems and again I can't bring my iphone in to the bowels of NYC to show you although more and more there is a rank smell in the streets of NYC that makes many of us think the sewage pipes have serious cracks in them from age, from construction, from massive construction trucks and subways as well...