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Thursday, August 28, 2008

lights, camera, reality

I saw a young officer (right now I am feeling 46) and he was not in uniform and he was sporting his bullet proof vest.  For me that is mind blowing to have a job where you may or may not be wearing protection from bullets that you may need.   I think of those 2 auxiliary police officers shot dead in the West Villager or the young handsome officer that walked up to the car and no bullet proof vest would have helped.   There is so much more that could be said on that topic.  He was almost in the category of too good looking  as if he was an actor on a tv show.

  Sometimes walking down the street in the city including Sept 11 it is hard to believe this is reality and not a film but it is reality.

ps There were no guns at this scene, just unruly teen but the visual of the bullet proof vest evoked how dangerous a job it is in a city where anything you can imagine can help and also plenty that you can't even imagine.